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Empty Head Club You All


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Hello my cyber family. I'm happy to report that my husband Thomas is a member of Empty Head Club. The onc was smiling and said there's nothing up there.

Liver ultrasound looks good, no blockage. PET report not too good, what was 50% gone in Sept are now back and some, but no distant mets of any kind. Just too much small tiny nodules. Onc still a little concern about the liver enzymes, and will do more blood work up next week before discussing the next chemo cocktail. All in all, I can sleep tonite. Thomas is feeling alot better, so far no nausea and vomiting and yellowish color is just about gone. He just had his first solid meal a big oh Hot Roast beef sandwich from ToGos. It went down without any trouble. Thank you every one for the prayers. I love you all.

God Bless


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