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It has been 31/2 months since Rachel passed. THere are days when I can't believe it and other days when I think it was so long ago. I think I have done pretty well- but then Thanksgiving came....the first without her. Last year we all sat around her table giving thanks and enjoying the wonderful feast she had prepared for all of us- this year she was being missed...

Now Christmas is coming, I can't do any shopping without wanting to buy her a present- finding something that I know she would love, any baking without thinking of how we always did these things together but....she is not here. I miss her sooooo much and can now only be thankful for the time we had together.It is a season that marks the first of the firsts for all of us who have lost a loved one this past year.

May you all be blessed with wonderful memories this holiday season.

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Oh Susan,

I remember the first holiday season without my best friend. She actually died the day after Christmas and the following year was a difficult one.....also was the first year without my Dad as well. I hope those wonderful memories will warm your heart and maybe even bring a smile. You were lucky to have such a friendship. Many do not ever know that joy.



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All the first anniversaries are so hard,

and the others not much better.

Everything you do now that in the past you

did together will be there to remind you

that she is gone and you are alone doing those

things with her on your mind.

Yes all those times together that you had

are the memories that will come forth from

now on.

Hope you pass a holiday season with many

good and happy memories.



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I wish I could pass along some comforting tips, but I am with you in the "first line" this year, along with several more LCSC family members. So, I guess we can just close our eyes and think about how great "first"s can be.

Like getting to be first in line at the busy holiday shopping mall.

Or, our first kiss?

Or, the first one to get a piece of our own birthday cake?

Or, our first bicycle or first car?

Or, the first time we met this beloved person that we are missing right now.

May this first holiday without Rachel in person, be filled with many happy memories of Rachel, her smile, her laughter, her voice....

You were such a good friend.

Take care,


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I find the holidays very painful too....but it is the reality of everyday life that I have a hard time dealing with. :( I miss my husband and my brother every single day..every single hour, minute....I will never get over the lost and hurt I feel.

God bless all of you, Nancy C

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Susan, I know how hard these "firsts" can be on us. I have no real advice on how to make these times better, as I am about to go through my third Christmas without Dennis and seem to have made little progress in dealing with the pain. I pray that you will be able to find some peace in remembering good memories and happier times.

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Hi Susan

We are also going through our first holiday season without our Rachel as well (my Mum). I can't imagine how it's going to be. I have also felt those pangs of immense sadness when going shopping and wishing I could be buying a present for Mum again, or showing her the presents I have bought for my husband or nieces etc.

Thinking of you




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I am going through a first also, with the loss of my sister. Thanksgiving was really difficult, because she was visting me last year. I am hoping Christmas won't be so bad for me. Still the loss is felt, especially since my sister took it upon herself to be Christmas organizer and buy presents for my dad and brother. :D

Sorry I can not help you much, but hopefully it helps to know you are not alone in your grief.

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