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Nothing but emptiness


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To my LCSC family and especially Pat and Brian. Thank you so much Pat, I'm so sorry to have asked you to pass along my loss, especially during such a difficult time you are going thru, I love you for helping me so much these past few months.

I wish I could come here and post something that would give comfort to anyone. I can't. I can't right now and I can't think that I ever will be able to make anyone feel better. Bill's death was an awful and painful struggle and I have much anger that he had to endure so much before he was at peace. I don't want to just vent to feel better, my rage and passing along my experience these past few days would only cause pain and fear for so many others. Just know how hard I prayed that each of you were with us and that your prayers would help him and I hope they did.

Pat and Brian...in one of Bill's last coherent moments that we were talking...for brief seconds he told me that it looked like he'd be able to help Brian and that he would do that and let you help me. You already have, and he already is. Please tell Brian how much he loved this man he never met in person.

Thank you all and I'll be back around when I feel some peace myself.


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I am so very sorry for your loss, Beth. I wish I could say something to give you comfort...my Dad's passing was similar - I can feel your pain to the core...

Praying with all I have that you may find peace in the days ahead.



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Just your BEING here is making us feel better. You are NOT to worry about making anyone feel better!

Also....your emptiness is our emptiness - of course to a different degree. I hope somehow you did, in some way, experience us with you in spirit....trying to lift you up....trying to give you strength....trying to offer some comfort.

We also experience that rage and anger. This disease is so evil. I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers. May there be consolation in knowing that Bill will be looking out for us all now. He is awesome!



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Dear Beth,

I am so sorry that Bill's passing was so hard. This just makes it all that more traumatic for you. I pray for you're comfort. Bill is in peace now and in no pain anymore. God will take very good care of him!

I am so very, very sorry.

God Bless you Sweet Beth,


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Beth, please don't worry about venting some steam here. We have our hands outstretched ready to catch it, and you. I know there are no words to make this better. Just know that you have so many people here that love you and are here for you whenever the time is right for you. We will wait.

Take care of yourself and your body right now. You've had a long journey and need some peaceful rest.


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Beth, I am so sorry to hear of Bill's passing..Your boys will need you and your sisters and brother.. Bill's daughter and many more..I understand your pain and anger..Please know I am sending hugs and prayers your way..Even if we can't make you feel better, just stop by and let us know you are doing ok..

Lots of hugs,


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I'm so sorry that Bill's passing was

so rough. No one deserves that and no

one deserves to wach their loved one

go through it.

I wish I had words of comfort but I

know there is no comfort right now. I

hope with time you will find peace. Bill

sounds like he was such a wonderful

loving man.

Take care


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