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HOW DO I GET THIS BABY TO SHOW UP?????????? Have any advice for me? I am at my due date, and the little girl is snug as a HUGE bug..she hasn't dropped, nothing happening anywhere -- other than my increased waddling and complaining.

I go back to the doctor on Thursday...as he said "it could happen between now and then, but given my experience, I just don't think it is going to."

The most amazing thing to me..is that back in October, we didn't know if my mom would make it to see her birth...as the cancer had spread so quickly through her bones...yet here we are, and I am hopeful that she will be able to be at the hospital with me as well. I have a lot to be thankful for.

So, moms out there -- got any advice?


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Have you had a million people tell you that you can get the baby out the same way you got her there in the first place. ;)

Walk a lot...

Do you have an exercise ball? They're like... $10 at walmart. Carolyn was also not particularly into the idea of coming out on time (She was 6 days late). The night we went to get the exercise ball for me to bounce on, was the night Carolyn decided to show up. It opens up the pelvis and helps thing line up for engagement.

And the best advice that I got was to just love on my husband... to just cuddle and be together and comfort one another. Do that!

She'll be here before you know it. I am SO HAPPY that your Mama will be meeting that little one soon! And that you will be too!!!!



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I'm no help as my son was almost 3 weeks late and the doctor had to evict him by inducing labor. I think if we didn't do that, Eric would still be holed up in my body, refusing to leave.

My daughter was going out of her mind last week waiting for her baby to be ready to come out. Her husband took her 4-wheeling and she did everything else known to man to bring her labor on.

My opinion is that babies come when they want to, regardless of what you do. I know how you feel right now but just think, the waiting will be over soon, and you will have your body back AND a little baby girl! Good luck!!

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I have to say Vals advice with the excercise ball was useful to my daughter... she just gave birth Nov. 25th... she was only two days past her due date, but had been walking around 2 cent. dialated for a few weeks... she tried the spicy food and the "other" suggetion with no luck... So, she WALKED and she BOUNCED for a day or so... The ball was also very helpful to her in labor... As Val said, it opens up the cervix and helps bring the baby down into position.... I work for a pediatrician who also gave me that advice to pass on to my daughter. Last but not least... enjoy this time... and I am so happy your Mom is going to be with you... I was with Sara when she gave birth and I am so thankful that her she and her husband allowed me to share in that moment... Truly amazing. Good luck!!! Love, Sharon

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I wish I had someone tell me some of these ideas 19 yrs ago!

My last was 2 weeks overdue. Her father and I had seperated and I was waiting til she was born to get the divorce. His Birthday was June 6th (NO WAY DID I WANT HER BORN ON HIS BIRTHDAY), on June 3rd I mowed the yard, an acre, trimmed bushes and raked all day!!!

Water broke that night and she was born the next day.

The ball sounds easier! Ha!

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I had my first child (baby Veronika) on September 27th this year. She was 5 days past my due date. I didn't try to do anything to bring on labour as just trusted and hoped she'd come out when she was ready to. Having said that, if she'd held on for another five days after that I would have tried long walks and sex, as one can only hold on for so long!!! I am so happy for you that your Mum is here to meet her grandchild and share with you in the joys of you becoming a Mum. I know how hard it can be to have your Mum sick whilst you are pregnant. Let us know how you go...............




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I think its so wonderful that your mom will get to meet your little one.

sex will soften the cervix and if it doesnt help you go into labor, it will make labor a little easier. vals suggestions were right on.

Spicy foods neve did a thing for me. I ate so much spicy food at the end of my pregnancy, im suprised my kid wasnt born with a bright red face. Anyway, try eggplant parm. or pinapples. For some reason there is a natural chemical in both of those that could trigger labor.

Ugh, good luck! I remember the end. I walked around 4 cm dialated for 4 weeks. My son was finally induced 2 days after due date and good thing he was, he was stuck on my pelvis, never dropped and doc said that was probably why i never went into labor.

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Was that spicy sex and food, or spicy food and sex? I'm confused. Why do these sound like ideas men come up with? Are you sorry you asked this bunch?

Sadly, I'd have to agree with Debi--I think they come when they are ready. My daughter was 3 weeks late. My son was a scheduled C-section, so he was only 15 minutes late. Much better deal!

Keep us posted...and we love baby pictures! What fun!

:) Kelly

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