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This Christmas Season: My Ramblings


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Since November I have had a CAT scan, a bone scan, and a very technical ultrasound on the veins of my leg. I have lots, and the leg is in pain.

I always double up appointments to save days off, so I am usually a little overloaded with stress by the end of the day.

I left the bone scan last week feeling anxious :roll: DUH. I was trying to read the scan myself, and the girl wouldn't help. When they came back and wanted one more localized picture, well, then I was really a mass of nerves.

When she came back in, she told me I could go and have a nice time shopping. I told her I was a little too freaked out to go shopping. She assured me it was routine, the second picture, and that since I had originally complained of rib pain, the doctor wanted an extra view.

By the time I was out of the parking lot, I had put all of the anxiety back in it's room in my head and slammed the door shut. I was going SHOPPING and nothing was stopping me.

Yes, I have had cancer, more than once. If something ever showed up, would they know if it was breast or lung? Way too much to worry about.

Life is short. No one is guaranteed another Christmas, cancer or not. My parents are in their late 70's. Do I want to enjoy or worry about the unknown?

Especially since everyone has the unknown.


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Gail: I hope you continte to succeed in enjoying your days as they come. Of course once you get the news that your scans are clear, it will be much easier not to be anxious, eh? I have had cancer twice and will probably get a little antsy at ct scan time next Febuary. Enjoy you holidays.

Don M

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