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Getting to Know You - December 12


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Exercising has been good.

Yoga class has been interesting.

Eating wonderful home-cooked meals at our best friends' house (2 doors down). I'm there often, sometimes in my jammies, and we talk easily about Jim which is comfortable and comforting.

Playing with our two bratty dogs.

And, the all time favorite :lol: , there is always "the workplace" which does engage your mind and keep it busy.

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This forum is a big help for me. When I am down, it helps to remind me that there are people experiencing many of the same emotions that I am. Talking about Dennis helps me to feel better,because everyone has such happy memories of his sense of humor. I always wind up laughing. Volunteer work also helps me to realize how much worse things could be.

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Walking and gardening are my favorites when the weather is nice. I really enjoy working in the yard. Caitlin and I have been taking an aerobic class and that's been nice for working through stress. I also like to plan home projects and do things to the house. I am a huge fan of HGTV. :D It just helps to keep busy and keep planning ahead.

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I've always found escape in books and usually have several to read in different rooms - love to read and soak in a bubble bath! Years of practice have given me super fine motor skills in my toes - I can adjust the hot water faucet without looking up from the book! :lol:

I am still trying to get in the rhythm of doing daily yoga or Pilates. Something I need to put more energy into, because I get so much relaxation out of it.

I enjoy my workplaces - the friendships, jokes, gossip, and sense of accomplishment.

And, of course, I come here for all sorts of stress-relief, distraction from my own troubles, and enjoyment.


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