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This seems wierd?


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My FIL has been through 3 chemo treatments - Taxol and Carboplaten. He is anemic, plus with the chemo and being run down he is always cold.

The weekend before last, he went to church, and while he was there he got really really hot - broke out into a sweat and thought he was going to pass out. He went out into the hall, and sat with his head between his legs, some people came out and helped him. After a while he felt good enough to go back in.

It kind of happened again this weekend - not as bad, and the sweat wasn't running off his face like the weekend before.

My MIL said that it hasn't happened anywhere but at church. Any thoughts? The weekend that he was real bad my MIL said that it was very warm in there, but still odd that it was so overwhelming for him.

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I have trouble in churches, always had

it is the smells of the special wax that the

church candle are made of.

Also the people with all their perfume and lotions.

No open window.......

Could be something as easy as that.

Does it happen anywhere else?

Keep us posted please.



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Do they burn incense during the gathering? I can't handle incense nor a lot of candle smoke, perfume and the lack of personal space... It's okay if it's "okay", but once things start to get out of whack, it seems like the world is closing in with people so close and all around (front/back/sides).

His system is far more delicate than mine right now, and church is just "out" for me. If his church has a separate crying room, he may be able to attend out of the "scents"....

Wishin' him well!

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As others have said, there can be many things used in a church service that would make him uncomfortable -- candles, flowers, incense. Also, if it was the least bit warm, this could contribute -- since Lucie has been taking chemo, she is much more sensitive to the heat. I also agree that sitting is better than continually standing up, kneeling, sitting down -- Lucie learned this the hard way, and is now relatively comfortable sitting through the whole service. Best to you. Don

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The place doesn't matter for me. I often get extremely hot and have to fan myself whether it is in the store shopping or just sitting on the couch or other places. Was always coldish before chemo now have the hot spells. Putting a cold or cool rag on my neck helps sometimes. praying for your dad and all the family. pammie

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Thanks for all the input! I know that they had talked about trying to sit in back in folding chairs, so as to not be so close to other people due to germs and stuff. Not sure if they are doing that or not.

I am betting that he is not eating prior to service, due to communion, so maybe it is a blood sugar thing.

Sitting throughout the service is a great idea, I will mention it to them!!

Kasey, I like your idea best though!!

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