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Blood in nose in am


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Gary has had in the am every day for several weeks blood when he blows his nose. Only first time when he blows his nose the first time in the am. Could it be the Chemo that is causing this? I don't know if I asked this question here before? If i have please excuse me. He was told to use a saline nose spray which he has and it doesn't seem to be helping . He also has been using another spray to clear up the stuffyness. The Onc doesn't seem to be concerned but I would like to hear if anyone else has had the same problem. I wouldn't be concerned but before Chemo Gary has never had this problem.


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Yes, I get that quite often and only since I've been in treatment. I know its from one of my many treatment medications, but not sure which one. Doctor says its not serious unless it doesn't stop. Then I should call him. Thank goodness, I Haven't had that problem.

Best to you and Gary.

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Sometimes the things that don't concern the doctors - because they're normal reactions and not dangerous -are the very things that cause the most annoyance and personal discomfort! :roll: Stuffy noses are a pain in the ...nose! Don't need some silly, annoying thing like that right now.

Hope someone's suggestions will pay off.


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my mom had it, too. we thought it was the drying effect of the Tarceva, but it may have been a red flag (that we missed :cry: ) that the blood thinners were running amok. doesn't sound like Gary is on any, though, so the humidfier is a good place to start. my mom also experienced some irritation from having the O2 cunulla in her nose all the time, does Gary have supplemental oxygen?

anyway, I trust this is a minor thing. keep us posted, and try not to worry. I would have been researching sinus cancer, too.



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I've had the same problem especially since it has turned cold. I'm pretty sure in my case, it is just dry nasal passages from running the heater at night. After the first "blow" in the morning, mine clears up too.

Keep using the saline drops, and if he wakes up in the night for any reason, have him use the drops then too. The more, the better.


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