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MRIs moved up


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Such fun. :( Pain in legs went away, but pain in sholders started. My doctor is now concerned enough to move my MRI tests that were scheduled for the beginning of the year up to tomorrow! Now of course, I'm tired, nervous, feeling worse than ever. Need to get the tests over with. I'm actually hoping that I pulled something because I started working out with very light weights a few days before this and doing some indoor biking. But thats what I thought the first time I was dx. Maybe this time i'm right!! :?

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Hugs for Joanie in the coming through the cyberverse!

I'd love to put you in a big bear hug to chase away all the worries and fears but i know how you New Yorkers like your space. (':lol:')

I am not that far away in RI. If you'd like we could swap digits and have a cheery phone call or two. Please konw you are in my thoughts. I love this message board!


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