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Clearing of the throat??


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I am nervous about my mom lately and the worry is getting the better of me, yet I dont know if it is something to worry about

Over the past 2 weeks she has begun to 'clear her throat' often. She'll give a little 'aaa aaaaammm' when talking.

A cold went thru my family around this time. She attributed it to that, thinking she was fighting off a cold. She never came down with one though. Then she said it was 'post nasal drip' from allergies and that it is gone now. I dont know who she is trying to fool....cause I hear it and she is still doing it

I asked her to talk to her dr about it last week, I told my dad to make sure of it. She didnt ask. She said the dr listened to her lungs and that they sounded clear and her breaths were full

I am afraid that the cancer is growing again. It was stable at her last scan about a month or so ago. Before she found out she had cancer and before she started treatment, she had been clearing her throat constantly. She was also blaming her symptoms on allergies....so this all sounds WAY too familiar to me

I was just wondering what you here thought of this. Should I be concerned? If her lungs were producing phlegm or she was developing a plural effusion again (sp?)...would the dr be able to hear it?

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That's one of the -many- things I hate about disease: once you've been told you've got it, every single physical symptom sets off a red flag and your imagination leads you to dark places. I know it happens to me ALL THE TIME! I'm getting over a cold I caught from my husband and I'm clearing my throat once in a while and I'm just sure it should be all gone by now. Before all this happened, I would have just figured the after-effects are lingering. :roll:

Leave a message with this information at your mom's onc's office - he may not be able to comment back to you due to confidentiality, but it may give him information he needs to evaluate things better and you may be able to put your mind at ease.


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I have this problem also. Sometimes it takes me a few minutes to clear my throat so I can even talk. Mine is due to allergies, I produce a very thick mucous. I have had everything checked out, endoscopy, ENT put a camera down my throat, even surgeon noted the thick mucous when he did my wedge-resection. My pulmonologist recommended Mucinex (OTC). By all means get it checked out, but it is probably allergies. I sure hope so for your Mom.

Nancy B

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Thanks for the replies

Jane, I really dont know if its a sign of something. Like Leslie was saying, when you or a loved one has cancer everything is a worry, My dad has cleared his throat (to the point of habit!) for the 32 years I've been alive, and there is nothing wrong with him

I did notice my mom doing this though before we founf out she had cancer. It went away while she was undergoing treatment..or at least I think it did. Either eay ots much more noticable now and that has me concerned

Nancy, mom had allergy tests done this spring, she was allergic to everything they tested her for!! Are whole family has bad allergies actually. So allergies are not out of the question I guess

Well wishes to everyone

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My being a heavy smoker though puts me in a different light when it comes to this. I seem to have a lot of post nasal drip but it is definantly worse at night. I used to take Nightime when it bothered and I couldnt sleep because of it but lately when I take it, it doesnt help like it used to. It helps some but I still have it. Having no insurance I have not had it checked out and I wonder how they would check it out anyway.

I cant say I am not concerned but I am living with it.

God Bless,


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I am quite late in replying on this one. I wanted to mention another alternative here.....

Acid Reflux. Sometimes it doesn't give you the typical symptoms such as heartburn, sometimes it irritates the back of the throat and causes hoarseness, excessive throatclearing and sore throats. I had problems similiar when I was originally diagnosed - they went away during treatment - and came back with a vengence after I finished treatments.

Good luck!


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I thought I'd come back to tell you what her dr has said.

He seems to think all is ok, since he hears nothing when listening to her breathe. I guess there isnt any rattling or fluid sound in the chest

It maybe the last tinge of the cold that went thru the family or allergies

She goes for a scan next week, so I guess we will know soon enough if anything has changed or if she is still stable and holding on well

Thanks for the imput!

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I have a persitent mucous build up in my bronchial area and I clear my throat constantly. I never had to do it before my surgerys. My pulmonologist theorizes that stuff gets hung up on my bronchial stump. I don't worry about it and as long as my ct scans come out clear I fgure I am ok. It is a minor annoyance. I get alleriges too.

Don M

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