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What can I realy expect from my Dad's chemo?


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What can i expect from the chemo?

My dad started his chemo yesterday . He is in a blind study. Its a phase 2 study on Beavacizumab in combination cisplatin and gemcitabine vs placebo cisplatin and gemicitabine. What are the possible side effects of chemo?

Ya the doctors tell you this and that, but i find them to be un personable. Will this have an effect on his spirit?

What are the worst days to look out for?

Are there any signs to look for that something is going wrong?

Thanks for listening to my questions and thanks for your help.

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I had cisplatin and gemcitabine: cisplatin every 4 weeks; gemcitabine every other week. With cisplatin, it's very important to drink lots and lots of water. My onc. had me come in the day after each cisplatin treatment for hydration. Took about 2 hours. Good luck.

If he is given aloxi in the pre-meds, the trouble really starts on about the 3 - 5th day. Feel rotten, sleepy, nauseus. Be sure he has meds for these problems.

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