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Frank Lamb...and the Stinky Steelers


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I don't even want to discuss the EAGLES... what a run of bad luck. Will not go there.

They will be back next year. just have to get a decent Wide Receiver. T O- B O

I have a feeling the Colts will take it all. But I can't wait for the Colts. Seattle game this week. Manning is awesome and I have S. Alexander in my fantasy league and he has been great.

Sorry I have no Browns in my lineup. I actually have Carson Palmer as my QB from the Bengals who also game me a lot of points. That is why I am going to the playoffs in my league starting Sunday. Wish me luck. Money involved here.



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Giants fan, here. there is a picture, somewhere, of a baby Amie wearing a shirt that says "My two favorite teams are the Giants, and whoever's playing Dallas." that about sums it up.

I also hate the niners. can't explain it, I just do. not into college ball, Sarah Lawrence wasn't a real football school. :roll:



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I'm with Tina on this one. GO COLTS!!!! I have been a Colts fan ever since Peyton Manning left the University of Tennessee, which happens to be my alma mater. I met Peyton once at a booster breakfast at UT and was so impressed with his down-to-earth attitude and have been a big fan ever he went with the Colts!

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