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Good News before the Holidays


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My Mom went to the Doctor yesterday b/c she was experiencing a lot of chest/back pain. She said it felt sort of like her lung collapsed again. They ran tests, did a chest x-ray, and a ct scan. They were concerned that it could be a clot. After all the tests they concluded that everything was fine, and they'd didnt really determine what the pain was besides maybe indegestion. That made me a little worried, and i was wondering if the cancer was spreading or if it was just a side effect of treatment.

Well, the the Doctor went over the scan results and basically said that her tumor was "gone" (understandably hesistant to use the word). He said the treatment was working and the cancer is drastically reduced. This was the best news i've heard in a while!!! We thought we weren't going to get the results until after Christmas. Although i know to be causious, and the cancer can suddenly increase again...i still feel really good. Very releived, at least for now. I just wanted to share. I am glad to get some GOOD test results back during my final exams.

Also, have any of you experienced the pain my Mom was having? She said its a lot better today.

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So very very thankful for the good news. What a blessing and great Christmas gift. In response to the pain. I have acid relfux since the chemo last year. Left in the late summer but now is back since I started oral chemo. Prilosec helps me. I nearly always have chest pain somewhere. Doc not ever able to say what causes it except the thoracentesis will probably always have some painful side effects. ONe thing positive to do is if there is chest pain I mentally envision the cancer cells getting squashed and that is what causes the pain. praying for you both. pammie

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