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Any early stagers here talk to an insurance salesman since ?


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I did. I talked to an insurance salesman about disability insurance. It didn't matter that I was stage 1a - they would not approve a new policy for anyone who had had lung cancer , no matter what stage, no matter how good the prognosis.

He acted like I was certain to die sometime and was just too stupid to know it. He couldn't waste any valuable time and had to go -

Makes me feel like doctors aren't telling the truth and I must certainly be terminal. :(

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Please do not make yourself sick over this

I believe it is hard to get any kind of insurance with all types of cancer

before I got cancer, I thought the same thing---if you had lung cancer, the prognosis is horrible---as you can see from this board, there are many many survivors----I am sure insurance people do not read up on diseases as much as Doctors do----

as far as terminal, everyone is terminal---as much as we hate the thought, we are all going to die someday

as far as your specks---I had that also ---was justr a sinus infection--- after 3 years am still cancer fee---just some sort of infection

I always show funny things on my scans---but the next time the things are gone---even had my enlarged lymph nodes biopsied last year and they were cancer free

hope you show great results from your pet

regards Eileen

lobectomy 6/00 stage 1A nsclc

hope your scans are all clear

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I saw one form for insurance that asked for any cancer info in the lat 20 years !!!!

I very luckily got some insurance a few years before my first cancer. Now, anytime we have open enrollement, I get as much coverage as I can without health questions.

AFLAC could not cover me, but the did give em accident insurance, which already brought in $195 due to bug bites at the shore which got infected !!!

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Hi Janet,

I am an insurance agent in canada, however, I DO NOT sell any kind of life or disability insurance...thank god too because they are all awful. My experience with dealing with colleagues that do sell it is that they are highly paid on commission and that agent was probably just a loser who knew he wouldnt be able to get a sale out of you and wanted to dismiss you as fast as he could.

He knows nothing of your situation and has no insight on the future. Try to forget about him.


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He's operating off a set of statistical tables that don't have the good sense to differentiate cured cancer from not-cured cancer. Remember, his business is to make money, and there are lots of people out there who have never had cancer, so he'd rather sell to them, regardless of whether your risk is the same as theirs! It's just easier.

This does NOT mean the docs aren't being entirely truthful, but I think you know that.

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