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In Loving Memory ......


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Dennis Keith King

June 10, 1952 - December 15, 2002

The day I lost you the lighted path became dimmer, the music lost its melody and a part of me died with you. You were, are and will always be the love of my life. Others may follow but none will compare. Till we someday meet again, I will hold the memory of our love deep within my heart and cherish each minute of the 25 years God "loaned" you to me. Love...Ann

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Oh Ann,

How hard this must be when that unfortunate anniversary comes up.

But after today I want you to cheer up as you know as well as I that Dennis is watching over his Annie Roo, and wants you to be happy.

So do your grieving and try to fill that immense void by being with your wonderful family and knowing that he is watching over his Roo.

This is the anniversary of Joels operation, 1 year ago. It saved his life. So we are celebrating a good anniversary.

What you had with Dennis was so wonderful that he is around you during these special times.

Thinking of you Ann...with much love.


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Ann I'm so sorry that I wasn't here for you that day. You were on my mind all day. I knew how hard it would be for you. I hope that now "the" day has passed you are doing better. I did get better but thinking of you and someother things made that a very hard day for me as well. My heart is always with you. I think you know that. Lillian

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