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Well my hopes of eliminating what appeared to be my only tumor, as seen by the PET scan, did not quite work out.

Met with my Oncologist today and got the results of my last CT Scan, following the Radiation treatments....and they were not good. Several new tumors have appeared and have grown quite quickly. I am going to start an aggressive Chemo regimen next Tuesday. It consists of three different poisons (Carboplatin, Taxol and Avastan), all of which can have some rather severe side effects. The infusion will take over 6 hours, so my treatment days will be pretty well shot (spent at the hospital). I will have three weeks between treatments, which will be nice, and I am hoping that I tolerate the treatments as well as I have in the past and only be absent from work on treatment days....we'll see.

Was not a good day, but I did dodge the Beer Truck. :lol:


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I am sorry the results of your scan. Hopefully this chemo will get better results. I had carbo/taxol. The pain started the third day after the infusion and lasted about 3-4 days. I learned to take pain medication before the pain actually started and that did help me.


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I am so sorry to hear this news. This rollercoaster just won't stop. The Taxol is the really long infusion. Everyone has different reactions to the different chemo's and I hope yours isn't too bad.

Hair loss, neuropathy, fatigue, nausea, really horrible taste in your mouth, and muscle pain are some of the side effects that I experienced with the Taxol/Carbo combination. I've never had Avastin, but some here have had it and I'm sure will let you know what to expect.



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Hi Jim,

I finished the same cocktail about 2 months ago, including Avastin. I'm actually still on the Avastin. Going through it all, I kept saying "i'll take this, just let me keep going". It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The avastin is supposed to be really good stuff 8) .

I really hope you have an easy time.


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Guess we might as well get used to the dance -two steps forward, one step back cha cha cha!

So sorry about this news. You've got the right attitude and lots of friends and, sounds like, a powerful plan of action. Do you have a laptop computer? There are all sorts of computer fishing simulations. You could get in a good six hours a day and never get wet!

Sending you all caring thoughts and strength. Rooting for you all the time! You can do it!


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:D well doggonnit anyway, jimben.

I was soooo hoping...

The good thing is that those chemos are tried and true and proved to work. I like the idea of adding the avastin. Hope it is the combo that you need right now. One day at a time. Wait and see how you do and tac appropriately.

You know you've got a great cheering section here.

love, Cindi

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Hi Jim

Wow that was a bummer :shock: Now you have to move on the the next step. This plan sounds workable. Keep that positive attitude that you have. Things will work out.

This is just one of those crappy setbacks. The docs will get you back on the right road. Hang in there.

The beer truck will be waiting for you. Frank will be there to hand you a cold one. :D


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Awww Jim,

This isn't the news we wanted to hear and I am positive that you didn't want to hear it either. As for the cocktail, I never had that one. Had the carboplatin but never the other two.

I pray that this combo is just the ticket for you and that the side effects are tolerable. As for the 6 hours, I agree. Books on tape or a good book to read. If you are not able to concentrate to read then maybe a buddy to play "go fish" with?


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