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How do you deal with TWO types of cancer?

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Hi Everyone. I'm new to the list though I've been lurking for the last few weeks since my husband's local oncologist called to tell us that the unknown spot which had shown up in a CT scan in July was now more than doubled in the CT scan done in November. I asked him what he thought it was and he very bluntly stated "I think it's lung cancer". Needless to say, I was horrified to hear those words. He was diagnosed just last June with Multiple Myeloma, a blood cancer that destroys the bones and is considered treatable, but uncureable. He is under the care of the Cancer Institute at the KU Medical Center in Kansas City and our local onc follows through on their orders, delivering chemo and weekly blood tests. We live about 3 hours from KU so we needed something local for the daily stuff.

I won't go into his entire history here but will place it in my profile for those who are interested. Suffice it to say, he's been through hell these last months.

We just found out today that the tumor in his lung is squamous cell carcinoma. They want to send him to a cardio/thoracic surgeon and made us an appt. for Dec 29. That seems so far away though it's very possible we'll not keep the appt. Lou (my husband) has had two abdominal surgeries within the last 10 weeks and doesn't feel he can face anymore major surgery. The first one was a bowel resection due to ruptured diverticuli, with resulting colostomy and the second was more of the same.

I just don't know how we'll manage 2 cancers at the same time. They both require totally different chemo treatments and so far, his body has been unable to handle the two different ones they've tried him on for the myeloma. He's so sick and weak. We're to go to KC tomorrow to meet with his oncologist there to discuss what we can do. I don't know that I've really got any questions for anyone here, I just was feeling overwhelmed and needed to unload. I'm sure each of you will understand the feeling.

Lori B.

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Ask about radio frequency ablation (RFA) for your husband. It may be an option if he is not up to surgery. You can do a search online for more information on this procedure. It sounds like the poor guy has really been through it. Hang in there and welcome to the site.


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Oh Lori,

The devestation you guys are going through is immense... no one should have to endure the pain of hearing you have Cancer then finding our you have two kinds. I am so sorry. What an incredible load you are carring around.

I pray the doctors have a plan for something that will work for him.

I am glad you posted instead of lurking because now we can send healing prayers out to him and much needed support to you.

Lori keep us posted. We are always here for you.

(((((LORIE))))) Big hugs Lori


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Welcome Lori,

We are here for you to vent, cry, ask questions and rejoice with you when the news is good. You have really been through it, not to mention your husband. I am sorry that you are dealing with this. Just know that you have our thoughts and prayers for much better times ahead.


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You are both definitely burdened by having two at the same time. We thought it was odd last year when Bill (husband) was due to go for his annual colonoscopy but was dx'd with lung cancer due to a persistent cough (not related to colon cancer).

Your post reminded me that we are dealing with two kinds, as well. One was surgically removed (colon) four years ago (no chemo) but does need watching, and the other (lung) was inoperable (currently back in chemo for that a second time).

It is a lot to bear and ponder, but there are answers, I believe, and there is (as others have noted) much power in knowledge.

Reading of others' experiences on line has given me a sense of not being alone, nor isolated from what is new in the medical field.

(((Big Hug))) for you and your husband. Here's to finding solutions.


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(((((((LORI and LOU)))))))

Feel free to drop in anytime. The people here are a wonderful resource. They are extremely smart, compassionate and loving. They are rocks when you need to lean on them and soft pillows when you are falling. I am so sorry you have had the need to come here...but there is no better place for you to be right now.

My prayers are with you both.


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Thanks everyone, so much. It's an amazing feeling to feel so alone and suddenly, many total strangers are touching your heart and boisting you up. You all are wonderful.

Ry...thanks for the suggestion of RFA. I will mention it today when we see the doc at KU. From what I read though, I believe his tumor is too large for it to be effective. It said no larger than 3cm and his is over 6cm I think. But I'll ask them about it anyway.

I told Lou last night that the biopsy came back positive for LC. I had known for a couple of days, but I didn't want to tell him until I had heard back from the doctor's nurse when we would be seeing the doctor. I didn't want him lying around worrying himself sick with days before he could talk with the doc. Understandably, he was emotionably crushed. He's tried so hard to keep a positive attitude with the myeloma but I so very afraid this is gonna knock him to the ground. He's said it feels like for every step he takes forward, he slides back two. He's really been fighting the depression and frustration and now this.

Oh well. Time to shake off the pity party and get ourselves to KU. Gotta go find my boxing gloves.

Lori B

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Lori -

My Mom is also being treated at KU Med - who is Lou's onc? If it is Dr. Taylor, you are in wonderful hands - she is their LC expert. If you do end up going the thoracic surgery route, I will dig up the name of Mom's - again very wonderful. KU is a great place to be treated (hard for me to say as I am a big MU fan).

I grew up in the SW MO area - PM if you would like more information. I hope you have a safe trip!

Much Love,

Amy P

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Thanks for the update Lori. I am so sorry you had to tell him about his condition. Poor guy he is understandbly crushed.

Let us know what the doc tells him and hopefully there is a good plan to help him.

For every 2 steps back there is a step foward. Then 2 steps forward...

Keep those boxing gloves on with positive attitude as he needs to fight.

I am sorry for you to have to watch him go through all this. I know how scared and helpless you must be feeling.

Take some comfort in knowing you are not alone. We are always here for you.

Please keep us posted.


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