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CharlieD Hall Pass Update


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Sure was a long three days at Roswell Park. Drove out Sunday, 13 hours Mon (Paricalcitol Injection), 11 hours Tue (Gemcitabine IV), then a quick blood draw Wed AM and back home Wed Nite. Haven't felt much like posting last night or today but feeling a little better tonight. Mon and Tue were so long due to a myriad of blood draws until 8 hours after drugs were administered.

Felt ok until about 4 hours after Gemzar on Tue. Had the regular Gemzar side effects of flu like symptoms ie, Chills, Achy feeling all over, fatigue and SOB. Still got it tonight but it appears to be subsiding a bit. Been taking Compazine and drinking lots of liquids. Don't feel like eating but force myself like before with 4 or 5 small meals and drinking Ensure blended with ice cream.

The long days are over. Now I just go back Mon for the Paricalcitol and Tue for Gemzar then back home. Get a week off over Christmas then back at it Jan 2.

All and all, not too bad. Just hope the side effects let up a bit. Got a CT scan after next cycle to see whasup. Just gotta tough it out. Git R Done

Keep you all posted. God Bless.


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You don't mind a hug while you Git R Done, do you? :wink:

I wish scientists would hurry up a invent the teleporter like on Star Trek - then 90% of the hassle and exhaustion and expense would be removed from these treatments.

Sounds like you're a pro at knowing how to care well for your body. Hope it all eases up a little every day and that this new treatment really does the job for you.


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