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cardiothoracic surgery

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Does anyone know if it is common to lc surgery to be performed by a cardiothoracic surgeon vs. a thoracic surgeon? Lou's tumor is on the right side of the lower lobe of the left lung. By his onc referring him to a cardiothoracic specialist, would you surmise that it has invaded the heart wall or something similar?

Lori B

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I am not thinking the heart is involved, Lori. Some towns and cities (like mine) only have cardiothoracic surgeons - not more specialized as thoracic only. That is my guess anyway. Why not check and see what type surgeons you have available. You may find there are only the cardio ones. If not, you will want to ask a question.


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My husbands doctor was a cardiac/thorastic surgeon. He was wonderful and save Joels life. He had his upper left lobe removed. Actually, his tumor was laying on top of his arota (thank G-d not attached or they could not operate) it took his doctor 7 hours to carefully cut it out with damanging any part of the heart. Maybe that was a blessing that he was also a heart doctor.

One thing that was a plus was after the operation and recovery because the doc works with the heart also he put him on the cardiac floor and he got excellant care there.

Hope that helps.

Maryanne :wink:

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my mom's surgery was something called an "intrapericardial pneumonectomy". this means that they removed her right lung, including the part of it that plugged right into her heart, via the pericardium. her doc is listed as a throacic surgeon, but I think they're all connected. http://www.mskcc.org/prg/prg/bios/639.cfm

what matters is that you and your family have confidence in teh surgeon!

here's a website Dr. Cunningham (ask the experts) referred me to that describes different lung surgeries. http://www.sts.org/documents/pdf/2-Pulmonary.pdf



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