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Little memories of Mom

gerbil runner

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If anyone thinks my post would be better in the "grieving" forum, I won't be offended, but I thought it was upbeat enough to put here.

Even though the wake on Wednesday and funeral on Thursday were hard, there were many good moments and happy memories that were brought up.

My aunt remembered going to Dollywood with my mom. Auntie Jan insisted her hair needed to be "done", so my mom set her hair for her. On the first ride, well... :lol::lol::lol: ...Mom almost peed herself laughing.

Mom was a very good english hadnbell ringer. She was on tv with her solo rendition of "O Holy Night". Years before, she had been on local access tv singing with her guitar. She had the most beautiful voice, but never wanted to perform anywhere but for church and other religious functions.

Dad brought the little bellringer angel Mom had made, since I didn't have a picture of her ringing bells. We sat it on the top of the kneeler.

My 14-year-old son surprised everyone by getting up to speak about his grandma at the funeral service. He remembered all the crafts she made which were scattered around the house, and how she always fussed over holiday dinners. "Does anyone need anything else? Do you have everything?" "Darn it, the only thing we need is for you to SIT DOWN AND EAT!!"

Because we had family members who could not come to both the wake and the funeral, we planned to have a short viewing before the funeral service. Mom was very clear that her casket should be closed for the service, so the original plan was to bring everyone out so the funeral director could remove her rings and close the casket without an audience. Well, there were so many people there, all busy reminiscing, that the casket had to be closed in front of a roomful of people. Mom would have had plenty to say about that! "Come on, already! I'll close it myself if I have to!"

My mom was the kind of person who made an impression. Nobody would have to think "Claire Hill...umm, was she the one..." Everyone who met her would have a clear memory of her humor, her talent, just her overall presence.

Mom never lost her sense of humor. When her pastor visited two weeks before she died, he asked her if she was at peace. "What, are you trying to hurry me along?" she quipped. The next week, a neighbor came to visit and brought a book to sing Christmas carols. My aunt said, "You gotta be kidding. Claire's the one with the voice. Even now she could sing better than me!" Mom opened her eyes and said "You got that right!" And she did sing that day.

Somehow, this just strikes me funny...a few days before she died, I was sitting with her. She woke up and started trying to sit up. I asked her if she wanted me to raise the bed, but she ignored me and tried again to sit up. Well, of course she couldn't - she hadn't been able to sit up in over a month. So after a moment she just gave up and said, "Rats!" in a disgusted tone. I don't know why I found this funny rather than sad...maybe because she still sounded the same as she always had.

After the funeral, we had a lunch at a local restaurant. Mom insisted we take everyone out to eat after (she originally wanted a dinner, but Dad convinced her lunch would be better, just from a logistical standpoint). We even served a dessert tray...Mom wouldn't have had it any other way.

Love you, Mom.

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I agree with Ginny. Your mom sounds like one heck of a gal! I am so glad you have all of these wonderful, happy memories to look back on! I'm sending lots of hugs to help you get through this tough time!

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I just got back this evening from putting the Christmas Headstone piece on my mom's headstone. I change the flowers with the seasons.

I have an exchange student now and took him with me. I got to tell him stories about her that I love to tell.

You will keep telling those stories, she will live on thru you.


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Hi Jen,

I was impressed by the obiturary you posted. But this, she was one amazing woman. She was such a beautiful soul. It seems like she touched so many lives.

She may have passed before her time, but during her time here she certainly made quite a legacy. I could see why you are so proud of her.

You could probably fill up an album with pictures and text on her that would be so heavy you would need two hands to pick it up. :)

You will grieve when all the company leaves and for that I grieve for you. I know that she is happy. She seems like the type of person who really really is happy. G-d wanted her and she is content. One day you'll see your mom again. She will be there when it is your time (long long time from now) and she will help you with the transition.

I am thinking of you and your family and pray for peace for you all.

I have seen bell ringers on the television and I always love to hear those bells. They made beautiful music. I bet I even saw you mom. :D

I know this holiday will be hard for you, especially since this is so recent. Just know that I am thinking of you and sending ((((JEN))))


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