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Getting to Know You - December 16


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I usually bake a ham for Christmas but am going to do prime rib this year. I have a yummy recipe for a pepper crusted prime rib and I hope it's a success. I am going to make Kasey's mashed potatoes (ahead of time) and then add lots of different veggies and sides. Dessert....Kahlua bundt cake!

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We usually have an English Christmas day, turkey, stuffing, Christmas pudding, fruit cake, crackers.....the works. All the things my husband and I grew up with.

Christmas Eve, however, is our time for apetizers. The whole evening we just graze on chicken wings, dips, sausage rolls, any finger foods you can imagine (that I have the time and inclination to prepare).

This year we are joining our daughter's new in-laws in NJ for an Italian Christmas which sounds wonderful!

Maybe next year there will be a totally different tradition starting, who knows.


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**do not feel bad for me, that is not my reason for posting this**

Three christmas ago mom was so very sick and we had such a huge blizzard here in upstate NY there was no dinner to be had. we all were at our own homes and it was very sad and quiet

two christmas ago (our first without mom) we tried to cook a dinner the way mom did. Everyone, especially dad, was too sad to eat it,

last christmas, (our first without dad and second without mom) I stayed in bed the entire day. No presents and no dinner

this christmas my husband and I are going to a diner thats open 24/7 and then going to a movie.

have to start somewhere again i guess.

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It's usually ham or turkey (the kids pick which one), mashed potatoes, scalloped corn, biscuits, a couple of dishes that change year to year and pumpkin pie. On Christmas eve its all fancy appetizers and sometimes fondue when I have urge to make it.

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Ann, I'd love to be able to share a recipe for the pudding with you only.......I've never made one!

I now buy them, usually at a very expensive import type deli, just paid $14.99 for a less than 1lb one in Harvard Square!!

My MIL always sent us one with the gift package but has stopped making them now. They involve a lot of fruit and molasses and rum or dark ale and to be honest one little sliver is more than enough for me. My husband loves them so I continue to get them.

These are usually made a couple of months before Christmas - I remember the ritual when I was a kid, everyone had to stir the pudding for good luck.

If you want me to find a recipe for you for next year (I think they need to "mature" after they've been steamed) let me know and I'll see what I can find.


p.s. I think it's what N. Americans call plum pudding.

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Okay, I've been reading and waiting to see who's house I needed to go to this Christmas. Ry is the winner as soon as I read the pumpkin pie. Ry and John, please set a place for me........

I usually made Jim and I turkey, mashed potatos, gravy, french-style green beans with toasted almonds, those store-bought dinner rolls, and his Mom's Christmas cookies that had the cherry on top. He loved those! Since Jim isn't here :cry: and my oven is still broken :D , I have no choice but to show up at Ry's, uninvited.


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Well, I too, have discovered some houses I would like to visit this holiday. But what we are having here is: turkey with stuffing and gravy, ham too, mashed potatoes, candied yams, peas and onions, cole slaw (my mother's secret recipe), fruit, pickles, olives, carrots and celery, rolls, a little wine, cranberry sauce, and chocolate cake roll for dessert. Whew! Wish I were going to Ry's too!


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Roast turkey, dressing, cranberry jelly, ham with cloves and brown sugar coating, mashed potatoes, homemade turkey gravy, fresh baked sweet potaotes, peas, jewel onions with white sauce, rolls, olives, sweet pickles, white wine, mince pie (as a kid), pumpkin pie (now).

Let the countdown begin!

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I always had Xmas here. Baked Ziti, meatballs with my secret Itallian gravey(sauce) or stuffed shells, honey ham and hot roast beef sandwhiches, my siter in laws famous potatoe salad, green beans and almonds and or course an anitpasto.

Desserts... homemade creampuffs, cannolis, boston cream pie, hot apple pecan pie with vanilla ice cream.

This year it is over my sisters. no clue. She is one of the lucky one as her husband is the cook. And he is incredably good at it. I am howerver, going to bring my Ziti's ( with my secret sauce)

My immediate family, me, Joel, Jason and Nicole always go out to dinner Xmas eve. That is our tradition and we come back to my house and open our gifts. That night is so special, it outshines Xmas day. PRICELESS!

Last year we did not go out because Joel was recoupering from his operation. Jason & Nicole brought us dinner from a famous restaurant here. Nicole lit candles and made it so nice. They are great kids. We are blessed.

What a difference a year makes. Joel is planning where we are going for dinner this year. :D

I have so much to be thankful for.


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You mentioned home made cream puffs,

My Mom always made some for Christmas,

they were so good I refrained from eating

too much of the rest of the meal to have

as many as I could.

Memories, my Mom died in 1975 ans I still can

taste the cream puffs.

Thank you for making me think of it.

Have a good time.


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We usually have ham roll ups, cheese ball, ham, turkey and dressing, fried oysters, green bean casserole, corn casserole, cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, Martha Washington Balls, Italian Cream Cake and pecan pie.

I'm already hungry!!



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Mom always made a big ham with pineapple and brown sugar on it (YUMMY!) green beans and potatoes, mashed potatoes, corn, potatoe salad,(yes we love potatoes!!), rolls,and cherry cheese cakes. But, my dad's new wife is cooking this year, so who knows what we'll have. Would it be in bad taste for me to make mom's green beans and and cheese cakes and bring them?

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When I was making dinner for my family I did almost all of the cooking. One dish my daughter in law made was the brocoli rice and cheese caserole. This is what our dinner would consist of.



cornbread dressing

rice dressing

candies sweet potatoes

mashed potatoes





stuffed celery

cranberry sauce

wine for adults and coke for the kids

Desserts I would make 2 chocolate pies, 1 lemon pie and one sweet potatoe pie. Then usually a banana nut cake with banana and whip cream for icing.

I had planned on making this dinner for Johnny and have his kids to our home if not on Christmas day one day around then. When he died I was so alone. The first Christmas away from my family and Johnny was gone. His son was trying to move, deal with Johnny's death and his wife had a baby by C section on the 17th and had a severe infection. I decided that I would cook the dinner and take it to his son's house. That was my gift to my Johnny and to his family.

This year I am going to my sister in law's house. She moved about 50 miles from me a month ago. I will go spend the whole weekend there and leave early morning to go to work. All I am bringing is a mayonaise cake and lemon pie. Just not enough time to do any more. Of coarse I do have some pralines and fudge and cookies I plan on making to go there with.

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