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I unfortunately was not able to make it to mom's appointment today, but here goes.

She had the pre-tests for hyperbaric oxygen therapy last week and she found out today that she is not eligible for HBO bc her lungs are not healthy enough for the high pressure.

Her neurosurgeon who did her SRS and diagnosed the radiation necrosis is now recommending surgery to remove the necrosis and hopefully get her off the steroids.

Her spirit seemed lifted for some reason, as this week has been pure hell. She is an emotional train wreck and hates everyone and everything (even me this time). I know it is the steroids, so I feel nothing but sympathy and I do not get my feelings hurt when she orders me out and cusses at me. I really don't. I do want her to feel better though.

I know Karen335 said surgery would be the preferred option to remove the necrosis, but I can't find anything about it.

Anybody out there have any ideas or resources so that I can start reading up?

Thanks for any replies. Love,

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