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2000 for Cathy

Don Wood

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Our dear Cathy has reached the milestone of 2000 posts. Thank you, Cathy, and congratulations. We appreciate all your caring and support through the past three years.

Cathy came on the website at the beginning in Jan. '03, just three months after her dad was diagnosed with LC. He died in August of that year, and Cathy has continued to stay with us, giving us info and support and her warm presence.

Thanks, Cathy, for staying with us. Don

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Thanks everyone,

FYI, I do use all fingers to type I just cant take my eyes off the keyboard, waaay back in ninth grade I learned about the keyboard just could never grasp the whole looking away thing :wink: (LOL)..

When I joined LCSC, I like all of you was trying desperately to find survivors of this disease..I have met some awesome people both in person and cyberspace..Being here for some strange reason keeps me close to my dad and it still is a safe place for me..When nobody gets it my special friends here do..

I am so honored Katie to be on the Board of Directors, so I should be thanking you for giving me the opportunity..


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I am glad you have remained here, Cathy. Like you, everyone I have made the acquaintance of here, I feel is a very special friend. I would rather come here and 'chat' through posting and PM's than see some 'friends' here in person. Somehow I just feel so much more connected here. I love it here. Too bad it has been LC that has brought us all together.


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