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NOT cancer related---night sweats


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I am the resident worry wart.

Brian has a cold/flu, mild fever, body aches, stuffy nose, runny nose, headache.

The past two nights he had nights sweats. Thurs night he drenched the bed. Last night it was a lot less.

When I hear night sweats, my mind goes to dark places, but he said it is just his cold.

Has this ever happened to a nyone with a cold/flu?


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Thanks, I got scared b/c it was two days in a row.

I really do have a problem, I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder and all I do is worry. However no one faults me on it b/c wh en they do, I say "excuse me, who had a temper tantrum until Dr ___ agreed to give my mom a chest xray even though he laughed at me". It is NOT a major problem in the scheme of problems, but it also is not an easy thing to l ive with worrying all the time :):)

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Kasey---I did a lot of research on anxiety and came across tons on Generalized Anxiety Disorder. The main thing of it is that you excessively worry for over 6 months on something, weather it be health, money, work, etc.

I take it way to the extreme. They just cracked up at the cardio office yest. My mom called up and said "Hi. This is Marsha Weiss. My husband got fat and he is at the age and my daughter wants him seen by a cardiologist". They told her that typically he does not see anyone without cardiac symptoms as there is only so much time in a day, but since my mom is s uch a good customer, they made an exception ;)

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I TOTALLY relate!!!!! Here's hoping your dad checks out fine!

Just yesterday DH had to see a urologist. He (doc) suggested the wait and watch approach. Yea RIGHT!!! We're ALREADY doing that with nodules. He asked my opinion!!!! Sorry he ever did that now!!!!!

I think I will research too. I am SURE I got it!


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Andrea, I agree with all on the fever breaking at night, and could happen two nights because fevers raise during the day.

And if that is not it, maybe it is menopause. LOL

P.S. Thanks for the second shipment of cookbooks, got them today. Since they are so wonderful, I am giving them to more and more people.

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