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It is shingles not Tarceva reaction!


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Hi all~

My mom does have shingles not a horrible new Tarceva reaction or the cancer spreading in very strange ways! We are so grateful that her scans were good yet these shingles are very rough on her. She is on Vicodin for pain, Valtrex that is an anti-viral and she is soaking in an Aveeno bath and putting Gold Bond medicated powder on.

***See Test Time/Result Time for full report of last week's scan***

For those of you have have experience with shingles, what can we expect? What helps ease the pain? The Vicodin takes the edge off but she might need to try something else. She is worried that she won't be able to take anything stronger being on Tarceva.


Kelly :D

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In order to get shingles you have to have had Chicken Pox. You never get rid of the virus, it can stay dormant in your nerves for many many years. I have seen people with shingles and it does not look like fun at all. My mother told me I had chicken pox as an infant. So far (keeping my fingers crossed) I have not broke out ever. Prayers going up that it clears up soon! Donna G

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Joel got the shingles during his chemo last year. He was lucky that it was on the back of one leg. The doctor gave him some medicine, I have no clue what it was. I think he took them for 3 days but not sure. He also took Perosets for the pain. That helped him. It just took a couple of weeks and they dried up and went away.

His was not bad at all. I hope your mom's clears up soon. I know you cannot be around pregnant women or little kids as they never had chicken pox and a person with shingles can be contageous to them.

I am glad it is not a reaction to the Tarveca.

Take care


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I have had shingles and I can tell you that it is no fun at all! I had my attack in 2000, just following my gall bladder surgety. My doctor was able to prescribe some antibiotics that really helped, as the shingles weren't too advanced when diagnosed. I can tell you that even the touch of the sheet against my bare arm produced pain that was unbearable. I did find that ice packs helped. The pain of having them touch the skin was terrible at first, but soon it would begin to help. I am so very sorry your mom is having to deal with this. Like Donna said, any of us that have had chicken pox are candidates for shingles. I'm saying prayers that your mom will feel better soon.

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Sorry to hear about your Mom. You can use Lidoderm patches for Shingles. It's a RX but it works very well for the pain. You put them on the affected area for 12 hours at a time.

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