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good scan!!! has shingles!


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Here is the update!

The scan looked good! No progression! Stable! All of the pain in the back chest and right breat is from shingles! She has a bad case of them. She was put on Vocodin for pain and Valtrex which is an anti-viral. She couldn't even go to the onc. appointment as shinlges are contagious(they gave her the results over the phone.) and so many people in the onc's office have low immune systems. Any advice on shingles is welcome!!

She will have the office visit rescheduled in January and the next scan in March.

Thank you!!!

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yippee on the good test. Boo! for the shingles!

Many of us have had them with our lowered resistance.

There are some good links for herpes Zoster information. I think that they just have to run the course. She is taking something for the nerve pain and the anti-viral which should help to minimize the amount of time with her symptoms if she started to take the Valtrex in the window of recommended time.

I don't know if I did anything differently. Don't remember now. The blisters do turn into deep scabs, I remember that.

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My Mom also got a case of the shingles not to long after she finished treatment. She was very lucky in that it really did not seem to bother her to bad, or maybe we got the medicine in time, i dont know. Apparently the anti viral meds must be given within 3 days of onset for it to work (correct me if im wrong). Also along with pain meds she was given Neurontin for the nerve pain which really was what seemed to help, so you may ask her doc about this. The one thing about shingles that i learned was that it can come back and not really anything you can do to prevent it. I had always thought like chicken pox once was all you got, but that is not the case.

I hope that you mom has an easy time of this, also my mom's was also in the exact same place, from her back to under her breast, which is where the nerve runs. Sounds like though that they found in in time and got her on the meds and like someone said you have to just let it run its course.

God Bless


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