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my son terry


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My son terry was diag. 04/04 and has had numerous chemo and radiation. He has had his lungs drained about 3 times. He is now in hospital with severe fluid in tummy. Have any of you ever heard of the fluid being in the tummy? Drained 6 liters on wed. 1 1/2 liter on friday. Surgery tomorrow to instal valve in stomach to drain and recycle into blood stream at shoulder area. Has any one ever heard of this drainage being done this way?

Jay (Terrys Mom and caregiver)

His wife passed on last oct,2004 with md.

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Hello Jay,

Welcome on the forum noody wants to be a member.

You will get lots of answers to your post,

I was caretaker for my husband that had lc.

Your questions a beyond my knowledge, so will

let those that know about it answer you.

Just wanted you to feel welcome and say Hello.

There is a section ''Ask the experts'' where

you can post technical questions and they are

answered by a medical team.

Give us more details about your son and his

sickness and you will get answers as soon as the

day break.



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Welcome Jay. Hope someone here knows of the drain method you mentioned. I have seen sort of stop clock type valve inserted where you open the stop clock periodically to drain off fluid, but have not heard of recirculating. Donna G

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Hello Jay,

You have come to the right place for information and support. The people here are absolute God-sends! I agree that we will need more information about your son in order to help you. What type of cancer does he have and what stage? If it has spread...where? What treatments has he had? You may not be able to recall every detail off the top of your head but do the best you can. Our "Ask the Experts" forum is excellent. Questions are answered by medical staff who really know their stuff. But again they will need more information in order to answer your questions accurately.

I am so sorry you have had to come here. But since you do have the need...welcome. Come anytime to ask questions,gripe,whine, complain, celebrate or just to take a break. The support here is overflowing.

My prayers are with you.


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Dear Jay,

I am sorry to hear about your son. I don't know a thing about the procedure you mention, but wanted you to know that you are in a great place for support. I noticed that your DIL died not too long ago. Your family has had just too much to deal with, wouldn't you say?

Please let us offer you our shoulders to lean on. Many of us will be keeping you in our prayers as well.


PS: took a look at your website...looks like a very neat place! Notice that I am in PA as well.

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Welcome Jay. I see you joined back in February, but we haven't talked before.

I don't have any knowledge or experience with your questions. Someone will know something or be able to refer you another link soon. Hard to be patient at a time like this. Sorry.

How are YOU doing? Sounds like your family has been through the mill for more than a year. We are here for friendship and support as well as knowledge and advice, so come back when you need to let out some steam or just share conversation.


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Hi Jay,

Welcome here and sorry you had to find us, but you found the best caring support group there is. And from you post you certainly can use our support.

I am so sorry about what you and your son are going through, Being a mom myself I know how devistating it is to have a child who is hurting. It cuts your heart right to the core. I am so sorry.

But please know that LC is not a death sentence. People beat the odds everyday. Please keep a positive attitude and have confidence in his doctors as they know what is best for him.

You son got a double wammy when he lost his wife last year. He is carrying such a burden on his shoulders as you are.

We are always here to listen and help you cope when you need us.

Unfortunately, I do not know about the fluid in the stomach. Hopefully, someone here will answer your quetion. You may want to post your question in Ask the Experts forum.

Sending healing prayers to your son in the hospital and pray for a fast recovery.


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