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Update on Father-In-Law

Cindy RN

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This weekend they (hubby's family) decided that going to a hospice was the best solution. Brownie (my FIL) wants it that way. Tom went down and spent the weekend again at his dad's house. This time tho he helped with cleaning and getting things in order. He called last night and talked about all the stories he recalled being with his dad and bro and sis. (10 of them!!) He also got out his dad's gun collection and cleaned them all. I think he said there 20-30 of them! Some were loaded.

Good thing he did this and not the others, I don't think any of them were hunters. I think he sounded better last night than the last few weeks. I hope so, he has been in this zombie like state since we found out. The Cancer is in the lung and liver and several other areas. BUT the liver is the one causing all the problems. He is swelling so much, liver toxins building I suppose. No treatment except lasix.

Thanks for the support, I can not talk with him about this too much. Hopefully he will be better when he gets home tonight.

Love Cindy

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I am saying lots of prayers for Brownie, Tom and your family. I am just so sorry you are going through all this.

Hopefully Tom was able to spend some quality time with his father, and built some new warm memories to sustain him through this difficult time.

God Bless you all

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Oh Cindy...I am just so very sorry that your family has to deal with this, especially at this time of year. I know how hard was for a son to deal with. Right after Dennis died, I found my youngest son alone in his dad's office. He told me that he just wanted to be there with his dad's "stuff." I guess "stuff" really is a strong bond between fathers and sons. Women seem to be able to show more open emotions and talk. I pray that Hospice will help Brownie find comfort.

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