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Joanie - Daggiesmom - Sunday 18-Dec Update


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Rather than continue with the lengthy earlier thread, I though it would be easier to follow if I started a new one. In my last update on Friday night, I told you about Joanie's surgery earlier that day in which the surgeon applied a patch of muscle tissue, thus closing off the hole.

Well, complications arose overnight Friday when some sutures opened. (The lung tissue is fragile from the radiation she had in '02.) She went back to surgery yesterday to repair the damage using additional tissue.

I'm happy to now be able to report some good news. Joanie is doing much better since yesterday's surgery. The patch is holding and there is no bleeding. She is in guarded condition but the surgeon is optimistic. If things continue to be positive, they will begin to take her off the machines and out from anesthesia tomorrow morning.

Boy, is she going to be surprised when she finds out that she lost a week! Knowing her as well as I do, I can hear her now, "Aren't you glad I pushed & we finished the Christmas shopping?" :wink:

I'll keep you updated. Thanks again for your support & prayers. Please keep 'em coming.


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Wow, she is really being put through it. I hope she is off all the machines soon. Now if you really want to make points you'll wrap all those presents while she's sleeping. :wink: Tell her how much we miss her and are pulling for her.


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Thanks Brian for the optimistic update. We all certainly needed some good news about her.

Yes, I could see a Joanie saying that about getting the shopping done early. :D

Everything crossed here that Joanie will continure to improve and off those dam* machines ASAP.

Is there a possibility she could be home for Xmas? I hope so.

My candle still shines brightly for her.


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Terrific news, Brian. I hope it just keeps getting better and better. Joanie is AWESOME!!!! Not only to make it through this very difficult week, BUT to have finished all the shopping...WOW!!!!!!!!! I KNOW, Brian, you have something very special all ready to pressent to that wonderful wife - all wrapped and ready to go. Right????


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Dear Brian,

Thank you for updating us on Joanie. I have been thinking about her a lot! Glad to hear that things are heading positive. I do pray she will be home for Christmas and that you will have a gift for her like Casey said that shows her just how much you love her.... Like she doesnt know!! Please keep the updates coming !! She is in my prayers!

God Bless you both,


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Today's news is even better. Joanie is breathing on her own & they have stopped the anesthesia. She started waking up tonight around 6:30 but was agitated so they gave her a mild sedative to make her transition into consciousness smoother. If things go well through the night, they should extubate tomorrow.


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