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Mom - bad news and very scared


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I just don't understand how all of this happens so fast. Three days ago my mom was doing well after chemo (fatigued, but o.k.) Last night she lost control of her right side. By this morning she still had no control and terrible pain had started in her neck again.

Her oncologist came over this a.m. (bless his heart) and said it looks like one of three things: new neck tumor causing spinal cord compression, old tumor which has caused compression or brain mets. If it is an old spot, the only option would be neck surgery which he doesn't believe she could survive, and that there are no treatment options (and that she would not have long as paralysis would set it, etc.) We have to get her down to the center tomorrow for brain/neck scans. With pain and lack of movement, I can't imagine how we would get her down there for 10-12X radiation treatements....could they put her in the hospital and do this???

They gave her a massive dose of steroids today in hopes of getting some strength back to the side...it doesn't appear to be doing much.

For the first time, she is really down. I am supposed to be induced tomorrow or Tuesday with her first grandchild...I never thought it would be like this. I am heartbroken, devastated and terrified all at once.

Please keep us in your prayers...I don't even know what to pray for at this point; it seemed as if we were making so much progress.



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Oh geez Holly...I can't imagine going through this when you on the verge of welcoming a baby. She should be able to be transported by ambulance (in your condition you can't really lift or support her) and I would think they could admit her--ask the onc.

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My heart is just broken hearing this news. This time should be so 'perfect' for you and your Mom. Some day, I guess, we may finally get the answer to why these things happen to such wonderful folks. Right now.... :cry: .

Hoping and praying for you both and that new little girl on the way.


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Oh Holly,

I can feel your pain through your words and wish there was some way to help. Mothers are our "rocks" and the possibility of losing yours, just as your becoming one, must seem like being cast adrift in a stormy sea. Whatever comes, please try to remember that you will only give birth to your first child this one and only time, and your Mom's first wish would be for you to experience the total joy and happiness that this same miricle brought her when you were born. It's ok to feel love, even when your heart is breaking.

Lori B

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No words. Just can't imagine what you are going through. Hoping there are people nearby who can help you through this giant whirlpool of emotion and decisions and activity. Grab a strong hand and hold on tight. You will come up for air.

Sending all caring thoughts and strength to you and your mom.


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Calling all arms to hug and hold Holleyanne in safety and hope today tomorrow and the day after. Extra arms for the baby too. Oh Hollyanne. We'll get through this and all the rest too. Please know you are in my prayers.

Hugs for everyone. Take time for yourself and cherish the special moment that bringing a new child into this old fabulous world needs. look deeply into this new child's eyes and thank her for being so brave and coming right now.

Much love,


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Dear Holly,

I am so sorry this is all happening just as you are ready to have you're first baby. Not that any time is a good time but this is the worst.

You were given some good advice though and do remember this is the only time you will have you're first baby and Mom would want you to be happy and experience all there is to becoming a new Mom. God will see you through this Holly. You are all in my prayers.

God Bless,


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So sorry to hear about your mom...Life can be so cruel and unjust at times...I am sure your mom will be there to invite the newest addition into her family she has waited this long .

I hope everything goes well for you tomorrow as well, what a beautiful christmas present...cherish the moments as you already know all to well

Will be praying for you and your family with great blessings and happy endings


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