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Prayers for My Family


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I already posted the details in CAREGIVERS -- but briefly my mom has taken a dramatic turn in the last 24 hours -- and most likely has severe spinal cord compression that has resulted in a loss of mobility and in terrible pain....this is a huge setback as she had started to get mobility and strength back. She is too weak to handle surgery if that is what it is....the onc is not optimistic although we will get her to the hospital tomorrow for a brain and neck MRI.

I am scheduled to have my baby (her first grandchild) induced tomorrow and can't stand the thought of having a baby while all of this is going on.

I so believe in the power of prayer and simply ask that you pray that we make the right decisions and that she is at peace with whatever we decide. Oh yeah, and please pray that I somehow get through the next couple of days with a healthy baby girl. I am a mess right now.

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Hi Holly,

Well, you really seem to be very stressed right now and rightly so. I am so sorry for the setback your mom is having. I know how scarey this is for you for you really want your mom to meet your daughter. Hang in there as things could change.

But right now I want you to concentrate on having a healthy baby girl. That is so important.

This should be the happiest moment in your life and unfortunately, it is burden with the health promblems of your mom. Be assured that the doctors will do everything they can to help her. Please do not feel quilty for not being with her. You baby is due and that is what is important right now. That is also what is so important to your mom.

I wish you all the luck on the birth of your daughter.

Prayers sent to your mom and to you.


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Thinking about you Holly and hoping you or someone will post to let us know if you are a mom yet.

I pray all went well and you mom is better. When you see our post please update us.

Can't wait to hear the good news about your little baby girl.

Maryanne :wink:

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