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I can't believe it.


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I am a little upset. I have been trying to get donations for this Lung Cancer Fundraiser that I am hosting. Today is my first day. I sent out some e-mails to different businesses and radio stations for publicity. I just had one reply with a note stating that my e-mail was deleted. How rude!! Obviously, this is going to be harder that I thought.

I am open for advice.



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Jamie -- I learned the hard way that e-mail is the LEAST effective form of communication in fundraising situations -- you may have to step up to phone calls. I am TERRIFIED of making calls like that personally (which is ridiculous, considering everything that I have been through....) so I pushed the calls off on my husband. I sent letters and my husband followed up with phone calls (or vice versa).

It's not the easiest thing in the world, but SO worth the effort -- keep up the great work, and don't get discouraged -- it will pay off in the long run! :wink:

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Yes, in order of the likelihood of getting a donation: 1) requesting a donation, in person, face to face, 2) a phone call, especially if following up on a letter sent recently, 3) a letter by itself (awfully easy to ignore), and 4) an email (unless it's someone you know and who cares a lot about you!). Of course, the number one reason people don't give is because.... no one asks! :roll: You're ASKING, so take heart... You'll get there.


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My sister-in-law died this past July 14 from complications of bone marrow transplant during her battle with lymphoma, and I became active in organizing our city's first ever "Lymphomathon".

I found that many oncologists were happy to have our event literature in their offices. We organized a pep rally for the volunteers and got them to pass out lots of event literature. We did have a tough time getting big sponsors, but a few of the pharmaceutical companies that produce drugs specifically for lymphoma, City of Hope, and a grocery chain here which sells a lot of organic produce came through for us big time. A lot of generous offers came through at the last minute, for example, a DJ plus music for the event. Good luck, don't give up!

Here is a link to our lymphomathon site - first ever, we raised over 60K for lymphoma in spite of Katrina and the Tsunami! http://www.kintera.org/faf/home/default ... ent=122369

Several teams organized, in addition to the walk, dinners where they invited people, asking them to donate the sum they would have paid for a nice dinner. One team did a barbeque pool party at their home that was hugely successful. A local restaurant held a fundraiser meal also, with free entertainment. There a lots of ways to raise funds and raise awareness.

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