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A really long request for some short prayers


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Thank you all so much for your support and prayers. This was a very rough morning for me. Keith's appointment was at noon, and the waiting was awful. I think I cried quietly nonstop at my desk from 8-11. It really helped me to know so many were praying for him.

Well, the news is not what we were hoping for. The pain and the lump in his neck is definitely the return of the original tumor. Since he has already received the maximum amount of radiation to that site, they are going to try Tomotherapy. I guess it takes a lot of preplanning because he has an appointment next Wed to start the mapping but won't be able to start the actual treatment for 3-4 weeks. They don't want to risk damaging the surrounding nerves in his neck.

Also distressing is that the tumors in his liver are progressing. Originally there were 4 small spots, and now the oncologist says there are more than 10 and they are mid sized. So starting this week Keith will receive a B-12 shot and some Folic Acid supplements in order to start Alimta next week.


Anyone have any good advice or experience with Alimta?

cancer really does suck!

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Carleen, I am so very sorry the news wasn't what we were all praying for. Please know that you and Keith will remain in my thoughts and prayers. I do know that Keith seems to have an absolutely wonderful doctor that is very aggressive with his treatment plans. I also know that he has a loving wife, who will always support him and never, ever allow him to give up the fight!

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I'm jumping in here for our weekly theme-cancer sucks. I'll add BIG TIME!!!

I am so sorry that Keith will have to endure another round of chemo. His Drs. do seem very aggressive and in his corner, you are very lucky about that.

Your positive attitude is inspiring. It has gotten you this far.

For Keith, my mom did have Alimta and it knocked the crap out of her for a few days after the 3rd-6th treatments, but her cancer has been stable ever since and she finished that in April. Another plus-chemo infusions take only about a half hour with pre-meds. I pray for the best results possible. Almita seems to have been easier on others here so I pray that is the case for him.

You will both be in my prayers. XOXOX

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I am sorry Carleen for those disapointing results. That is not what we were praying for.

Please know we are all here for you. You guys have been through so much and you just keep fighting. I love your spirit!! You are both so brave.

I am glad the the doctor has a plan. I cannot help you with your question but many people have been on that drug. I am sure you will find answers.

Meanwhile, hang in there, keep that wonderful positive attitude going. Keep on fighting and never give up. We could not let that disgusting :twisted: disease win!

We are always here for you. Mega prayers sent to Keith. My candle for him shines brightly. I am looking at it right now.


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I am so sorry to see your post. I know you were hoping for better news, we all were. You and Keith are in my prayers.

I have had 7 rounds of Alimta. It is a 10 minute drip, then they flush with fluids for about 10 minutes and 10 minutes of Decadron before the Alimta. The easiest infusion of chemo I've ever had. Some of the side effects that Keith may have are a rash, fatigue, mouth sores, but overall it has not been too harsh.

One very important thing I'd like to mention. Alimta does affect the liver in some people, like me. My liver counts go way up after the treatment and then they are usually back in the normal zone when it's time for the next treatment. However, this 7th treatment has really done a number on my liver and I am requesting a "break" from Alimta for a while.

Please ask your doctor about the effects of Alimta on the liver, knowing that Keith has the tumors. I'm sure it is fine, but I just wanted you to be armed with knowledge.

I'll be thinking about Keith and praying that the Alimta will at least hold him stable, like it has done for me.


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I also did not see this until I searched for it. I am so sorry about the dissapointing results you got. I am praying with everything I have that his next treatments knock this thing for a loop!! Keep up the fight, love eachother and know everyone is praying for you both!

God Bless you both,


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