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First year anniversary today


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Hello friends. Today marks 12 months since my special man passed from us.

My family is honored that the teachers where I work sponsored today at our local PBS radio station in memory of Tim. They are announcing it four times during the day along with some wonderful words about him.

Tonight we will release our balloons at the cemetery and then gather for egg nog and wonderful memories in my living room around my little tree.

I am thankful I am able to feel this positive during this difficult season.

I wish everyone a happy holiday and a new year full of miracles.


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Dear Cyndy,

I did not know you or your Tim....as he was just completing his journey when I was just starting mine. And that is the bond that ties us together.

I wish for you a day of peace and happy memories. I wish for you comfort knowing that so many...yes, even some who do not 'know' you... are thinking of you and hoping a quiet joy can come into your heart and keep those happy memories alive.

Thank you for being part of my journey as I continue on.


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Cyndy...that was such a thoughtful thing for your friends to do in memory of Tim. I also love the idea of releasing balloons. I know your day was filled with memories of Tim. I pray that you are doing well and have been able to find some peace in Tim's passing. Please keep in touch as often as possible. I miss you!!!

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What a wonderful way to honor your husband. He must be similing from ear to ear.

I heard of the ballooons from another member and I think that is such a beautiful gesture.

peace be with you this holiday season.


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