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Want a 2005 tax deduction?


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Only 10 days left in the year to rack up those taxable deductions and if you have not done so this year, or want to do so again, what better way to get a deduction than to donate to LCSC for the holidays :):):)

Even if you only donate $1, every bit helps :)

Or if you are like me and have thousands of medical deductions already, make your donation Jan 1, still in time for the holidays ;)

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I want a cook book

but I'll have to send a money order

for it, is that OK?

need address where to ask

amd where to send money.

I'm as bad as you for the cooking,

but always have the excuse that cooking

for one is not cooking, will try to

change with the New Year.

Just, please send me a PM for what to do

and I will.

The best for you and your family

for this season and the year 2006.

Hugs for all


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LOVE THESE COOKBOOKS!!! THEY ARE AWESOME! I'm a late bloomer on getting mine. (do to being sick)

I ordered 10 of them for gifts, and I'm going to maybe need more! :D I'm giving one to my postwoman, and one to my doctor and his nurse. And of course my friends and family.

I'm sending a little extra for the Donation Cup as well. I know LCSC is in need of $$$$$$$$$ I hope some of you folks that have never donated to LCSC can and will find it in your heart to send in a $10.00 donation.

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Just giving it a bumpity bump and an opportunity to report in ono the cookbooks : )

The cookbooks are a good fundraiser, but more of a "fun" fundraiser as it won't make tons and tons of money. I did finally break even (out of pocket $3500 to publish), and so far in pure profits we are up to $1,000 which LCSC will get immediately after Jan 1. I am expecting mre money in and have more orders, but that is where I am at as of today :)

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AWESOME NEWS ANDREA about the COOKBOOKS!!! Andrea my dear, YOU ROCK!! Wow, a $1,000.00 for LCSC! That's just AWESOME! THANK YOU and THANK YOU to ALL the wonderful people that helped Andrea put our beautiful Cookbook together.

Katie, my checks for the Cookbooks and a donations for LCSC went out in the mail today.

God Bless us All.

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