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missing someone so special

nancy c

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missing someone so special

Me, too, Nancy, me too! :cry::cry::cry:

I'm trying as hard as I can to have a Merry Christmas, but it isn't easy. I pray that both of us, and everyone else whose Christmas spirit is struggling because of broken hearts, will somehow find joy, peace and comfort. I'm looking real hard for those things right now, so if you find them, please send them my way, too. Christmas has always been my most favorite time of year. I am usually Miss Ho Ho Ho, but . . . . well, you know the rest.

Nancy, you have had a double whammy this year, and I know you are torn from top to bottom with sorrow. Please know that, in my heart, I am truly hugging you and I know that you are hugging me right back.

God bless you, honey!



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(((Nancy, Shirley, Peggy)))......big hugs...Hey, I think if I get in the circle with you that we just started a hug circle. Squeeze tight and let's hold on and draw strength from and give strength to those in the circle with us. I think there may be others that want to join in too.

Thinking of all of you and hoping these hard days pass quickly,


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Oh Nancy, I understand oh so well..I am trying to keep it together for my daughter and husband, but all I do is cry..I feel so alone, even when there are so many people around..I keep thinking about when Mark and I were kids and all the holidays, the fun, getting into trouble..Just all the silly things that make me cry..I never felt this way about a loss..My brothers death has me walking around in a fog..I cannot describe the feelings I am feeling..Every minute of every day, I miss him so much..I will pray for strength for all of my family here..Hopefully, we will get through this holiday..

I think I will ask Santa for a new heart, because mine is completely shattered!!

God Bless us all..


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Add me to that hug circle. I pray that each of us can cling to special memories and happy times to get us through this season. I am here for all of you, as I know you are for me! God bless everyone that is strugglingg right now!

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To that tightly hugging circle,

You girls are pillars of strength. You are awesome. You are inspirational. You are my heroes. I am not part of your circle BUT I want you to know that my heart is so full of love for you all and I am sending each of you my own little hug. Maybe that is more to make me feel better, I don't know. I want to wipe away your hurts and I can't.

Love, comfort, peace to you this most special of all seasons.


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