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Lat chemo for the year, PET scan results - Happy Holidays!


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Tomorrow I try for the 3rd time to get the second half of my chemo. They already have had to say no twicw - wht count too low, then platelets too low.

10 days after this dose, I get the next scan which I am quite anxious for. It's still undetermined whether I will continue on the chemo. I want to if there is further shrinkage. They are talking about how my blood counts are really taking a beating - so I don't know.

Complicating things further is the status of my brain - I had a brain pet scan today to see if they can detemine if the lesions are dying or progressing. If progressing, I'm off the chemo.

Oh the unknown is always such a trial! I don't get results until 12/27 - I would push to get them sooner, but I'll be seeing the whole family and no news is far better than bad news (not that I 'm pesimistic) Everything suggests that my brain is just fine.

Anyway, Merry Christmas and the very best for the New Year!

Warm regards,


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Hi Mary,

You cannot change the outcome. Just keep positive thoughts that it will be good results. Enjoy the holidays with your family.

Keep us informed when you get the results.

Happy holidays to you too.


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I'll keep my fingers crossed, and will continue with the prayers that you are able to get what you need, that the brain is clear, and you are able to enjoy the Holidays with those you love. I admire the way you are dealing with what you are experiencing right now. I know how hard it is.

May God hold you safely in his hands.

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I am holding good thoughts for you while you wait.

My husband, too, has been knocked down recently, a bit in his blood counts, during his present chemo.

We, also will be awaiting scans soon to see if the chemo is working.

We're keeping our hopes up there for good results for all of us who are in the "waiting mode."


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