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My Survivor Symbol


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I always buy Christmas ornaments after the holiday to use the next year. When I was first dx'd last January, I went shopping one day and saw a Christmas ornament I really liked. And, then it hit me: I probably won't be here Christmas 2005! It was an awful feeling and I didn't want to buy any ornaments at all.

My husband said, "You buy it. You'll be here."

I bought the ornament and put it on top of the TV cabinet in the living room. I looked at that little ornament every day and said (silently) "You'll be the first one on the tree this year." Eventually, that little promise became a real inspiration and mood lifter for me.

Well, it WAS the FIRST ornament on the tree this year! :D A hope fulfilled, a promise kept, and a reminder to me that I am a survivor and to never give up.

Merry Christmas all. I'll pick out next year's first ornament after the holidays!


Here it is: Don't know why it's so BIG! Sorry! :oops:


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That is a great idea not to mention starting a wonderful tradition. I do the same thing each year I buy a special tree ornament for my grandson. Next year (God Willing) he will get his fourth Christmas ornament from me.

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