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thinking of you during the holidays


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Most of you wont remember me, but some will. Just to let you know Im thinking about you especially during the holidays. I miss my father every day of my life, but especially the holidays and most especially Christmas Eve. That was our most festive holiday with food, music, gifts, family. It will never be the same. For such a quiet man, its so silent without him.

There is a book I read recently, "90 Minutes in Heaven" by Don Piper. He talks about being in heaven for "90 minutes" after a car crash. Its the first bit of comfort Ive been able to find. You might want to look for it in your local bookstore.

Wishing each one of you well during this season and always.

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Yes, Linda, I do remember you and am so glad to see your post. I know this will be a tough Christmas without your father. Thank you so very much for suggesting this book. I'll definitely pick it up. I try and read anything of this nature that I can get my hands on. Please keep in touch with us. We miss you!

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It will never be the same. For such a quiet man, its so silent without him.

Thank you Linda. I remember you. My father is Matthew too, and I could explain the feeling of him not being around exactly as you did. He, too, was a quiet man, but the silence is defeaning. I wish you a peaceful holiday.


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Hi Old Friend! It's so nice to see you pop in now and then.

We find any little bit of comfort we can during the trying times after the loss of a loved. I totally feel we need to do and go with what ever works for us.


I have learned to remember all the wonderful good memories of my mom and dad and my other family members during the Holiday Season. I talk about them and remember fun times and funny things that happened during the Holidays growing up, and it just brings me great joy and peace. There memory will always be just a heartbeat away.

Merry Christmas my Linda. I hope you'll have a soft and peaceful yet joyful holiday.

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