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Getting to Know You - December 22


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Are you a born shopper? Do you really enjoy shopping and looking for a special gift or do you just grab something and hope for the best? When do you begin your Christmas shopping and when do you usually finish?

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I am a woman born without a shopping gene. There is nothing I dislike more than shopping!!! :oops:

Now with that said, I have a special Christmas shopping gene, as I do love to shop at Christmas time. I begin around the 1st of Dec. finish about a week before Christmas to give myself time to do the 2nd most disliked thing in my life, wrapping the gifts. Since I have no self control when it comes to my nieces (I have no kids of my own to spoil), it usually means hours of wrapping misery. :roll:

When my 2 girls open their gifts it makes it all worth while :):)

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Not a born shopper - for myself, anyway. But I really like picking out gifts for people I like an care about. I try to get people something unique that really shows I thought about their special likes and dislikes. So Christmas shopping is a once a year treat.

However, I hate having to look around for "obligatory" presents for people I don't really know that well or care that much about. Like when you don't want someone to feel left out at the office. :roll: That's the kind of shopping that's annoying.

I've always been a do everything at the last minute kind of person!


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I'm with Amie on this one. I love to shop. Now, for all the men on the board that may not know, there is a big difference between shopping and buying. Buying is for the people that have the funds. Shopping is often for those of us that like to look. I'm definitely a shopper-looker-browser. I can spend an hour in a store, find something I really like, and then put it down because I question myself to death, debating whether I can afford it? Really need it? Do I even really like it? See, I'm one of these gals that makes men hate to shop with them. But, I love to look! I love to find bargains! I have been known to buy Christmas gifts as early as January (sales-woo-hoo) and then forget I have the gift bought by December. As for getting done...still working on that. Have you ever tried filling stockings for three grown men that will always be your little boys? I still want to buy toys and games and bubble gum! Socks and underwear left bt Santa would be very dull and boring! Oh, as for Santa....I still believe!

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It all depends on what store I'm in.

A kitchen/housewares/accessory type shop and I'm in heaven - I have drawers full of "stuff" in my kitchen that will bear me out on this - I can spend hours in one of these stores.

However, that being said clothes shopping is a real chore so I can be in and out of a store in no time.

I buy my overseas gifts in the summer/fall and then forget to mail them, the presents for everyone else are bought closer to Christmas. I think the reason that I put off mailing the gifts is the WRAPPING.......worst part of the holidays!


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I love to shop, I don't have to buy but I love to go and look. I love Christmas shopping and I start in November and I just finished yesterday. I love finding something perfect that someone will love. One year I got my cleaning lady old doorknobs (she collects them). I have purchased antiques for people from my favorite shop, I like giving things that are different. For my office workers this year, I gave them all cookbooks wrapped with an antique rhinestone pin on the bow. They looked gorgeous.

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Isn't shopping a synonym for breathing? I love to shop. But I too can agonize over paying for that top I have been lugging around the store for an hour.

Earl, couldn't stand to shop except for me at Christmas. I remember one time many years ago, we were in Macy's to buy our son a bday present. I stopped to look at a pocketbook. Well, need I say more. "What, when did Sean start to where pocketbooks?" Never lived it down.

But I love to just roam the mall, or an antique shop etc. I find it relazing. And too often expensive.

The only thing I don't like about Christmas shopping is lugging all those heavy bags around. They should have mall shopping carts.

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Ginny, I agree. Mall shopping carts would be an excellent idea! I never buy that much at one time except at Christmas but those carts would really come in handy then!

I think our mall has a suggestion box...maybe I'll drop that one in!

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Ann, a lot of malls here have shopping carts but you have to pay to rent them in most places. I myself used to be a buyer. Loved to buy clothes, shoes(still do, I can be fat and still find cool shoes!), and other things. Now, I mainly buy for the boys. I rarely buy for myself anymore. I can go shopping with my sister and say I'm going to buy myself something today then talk myself out of it and end up getting something for Nicolas or Connor.

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Sometimes I'm a little of both! Mostly I'm a born shopper, but there are times when I just grab something and wrap it!

I recently had the pleasure of mall shopping without my munchkins. It was great, except that I had to carry all the packages instead of sliding them into the stroller like I usually do - wow! What a difference. I should have just brought the darn stroller for carrying the parcels. :roll:

Course, when you do that, you wind up NOT finding anything to purchase. And I would look foolish pushing an empty stroller.


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Shopping was one day a week as we were living

far from a town, but what a day.

Mike was tolerant of my shopping ways at the start

but soon changed into a born shopper.

As the list was long to cover the food for us

and all the needs for us and the three dogs,

we each had list and found ways to improve it each time.

We have shopping carts that you can use for all

the stores in a mall it helped so much.

It was like Chritmas time

opening the bags when we got home, a rush for him

to open the bags I had and I loved to see what he

had improved on.

I still found after he was gone gifts he had

bought and spirited away from my prying eyes.

Now when I go shopping I do it for both of us

and end up with expensive things that I would

have overlook, because Mike makes me buy it.

Not much fun opening all bags after I get

home alone, but still I like shopping it brings

so many souvenirs of our shopping days together,

happy ones that I end up spoiling myself often.


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I absolutely detest shopping...the driving....the crowds.....this store doesn't have it....will the other one???

MY wife gives me a big list of what she would like, that list contains:

The Item Name

What store has it

What aisle it is on

What shelve it is on

The Color

The cost

Once I have all this data I go and finsish in one morning.

Not entirely true but darn close!!!



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I love to shop sometimes I do go a bit overboard. I have to learn to say do I really need this? I usually always buy something on sale. There are times I really did not need an item I purchased but it was such a good sale price I couldn't resist it. I could be too compulsive.

I did great this Christmas, got so many bargains. I also did all of my electronic shopping, DVD's, CD's online that had free shipping. So I did great there too.

But I do tend to overspend on my kids. I have to start learning enough is enough. I stopped the stockings a long time ago as that go too difficult for me to fill it when they got older. But I do give my daughter a basket with her beauty things and trinkets in there. She loves her basket as it is the last thing she opens.

I usually don't start Xmas shopping until about 2 weeks before Xmas. I envy people who are done in like Novemeber :shock: My family just does not know what they want until the holidays are upon us.

I love to visit the busy malls here when my shopping is done.


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If anyone needs a shopping gene, I have them. Lots and lots of them.

I love to shop. Anytime, anywhere.

I've been known to buy things on clearance because the deal was just too good to pass up. Things I definately don't need and probably will NEVER use.

I love the feeling when you've spent time to find that perfect gift and the person you've bought it for loves it.

I usually start shopping in mid December. My goal is always to finish before X-mas eve. I have a feeling I'll be shopping tomorrow though....ughhhhhh

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I love to shop and I know I must have inherited this from my Mom as she loves it more than anyone I know. The difference between her and I is that she can look and not buy, we can be out all day and she may have only one small bag ( not always mind you!) but if I am going to shop you better believe I am going to buy too!!

I love to give personalized gifts and I also like to recieve them. It shows the person was really thinking of you when it was bought.

Merry Christmas to all and God Bless,


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