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Come on gals......


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In this debate about who posts the best laughs, I have always thought that the gals jokes were much better. Then, when Eppie posted her "jellyfish" picture, that really put us over the top. But...now Frank has come back with a really good one about the little boy in the closet! So...come on gals....lets' get busy here! We have definite competition and the competition is armed with beer and chocolate donuts!!!

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You gals are way too easy! Where's that spitit of competition and the attitude that women are ALWAYS right and should ALWAYS win??? Are you saying we should "let" these guys win? Awwwww.....come on girls! You're disappointing me!

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I try to be good but the wickedness of living just makes me pull out that stoppers.

I love life.

I love laughing and I love to love my man.

What more is there to say?

Oh yeah!

I love an audience.

Never never get me drunk and near a karaoke machine.

I am bad!

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