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'tis the season


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I have a few minutes before I leave for work so I want to say a few things to all of you.

First of all I want to wish everyone a peacefull and happy Christmas.

For those of you who celebrate a different holiday because of a different faith I wish you the very best of the season.

I know there are many who wish they could just forget this time and wake up and have it in the past. It is hard to live through a season of joy when your heart is broken seemingly beyond repair. I know this is the first major time that some of you are facing without your loved one and I know only too well how hard that is.

When you can not find joy look to hope. This site was started to give people hope. When do we need that more than when we have lost someone who is so much a part of us? If you are Christian and you think of the reason we celebrate Christmas you will know that it is all about hope. Christ was born to give us hope. Hope of a better life where there will be no suffering. No heartache or pain and peace will live on forever.

During all of the years that Johnny and I were seperated I always knew deep down in my heart that he was out there somewhere and that he loved me. It was that knowledge that gave me what I needed to face many hard times during those years. Now as hard as it is I have come to believe that he is still out there somewhere and I know beyond a doubt that he still loves me. That is what gets me though some of the hardest days of my life.

So many things have happened sense his death that I know that death of the body is not the end. Someone once said that we should think of our loved ones as just being in a place away from us, just as if they were traveling somewhere without us. In this case it is us who are away. They are home and we are still here. I believe that we come to this Earthly life for two reasons. One is to learn and the other is to teach. We are all to learn the lessons of humility, unconditional love, compassion and patience. We are also here to help others learn those lessons. When our lessons are learned we go home. The ones we leave behind are still learning and when the time comes that they too have learned their lessons they will go home as well.

If you believe in Christmas as the birthday of Christ and all He stands for you believe in eternal life. That is the hope that He brought to us. That is the reason that we celebrate. Hold on to that hope and even if you can not find the kind of joy that the season usually brings think of the joy you will find when your visit here is over and you go home to all of your loved ones. Then you can see Christmas as a time of joy because the gift we recieve is far bigger than any other.

Our loved ones are not gone. I'm sure that most if not all of us believe that. They are just a whisper away sending us love and encouragement to help us though our lessons so we can join them someday.

So from the bottom of my heart I once again wish you a very Merry Christmas and "Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward men"

God bless. Lillian

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Lillian,I am a Catholic, and I do believe Mark is finally home with my parents..Thanks for making me see what I already know..I have just been so pre-occupied lately with missing him, I have forgotten what is important..God Bless you, and thanks again..

Have a very Blessed Christmas..

Donna K.

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Lil...so beautiful and so true. Thanks for reminding us.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. I know you may be working but I am sure you will bring joy into the hearts of the people you care for.

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