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Now two months later....


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Today marks two months that my family has lost my sister. I feel very bah, humbug like someone else posted on another thread.

I had been doing pretty well, or so I thought. Then I was reminded today was the 2 month mark, so I have had to hide in the bathroom a few times to cry.

Laurianne said that this Christmas is going to be the best ever because it is Calem's first Christmas, but since I am 2000 miles from my family, it is getting harder for me to think that way. At least my parents were able to bring him out a few weeks ago, and I was able to give him a gift then. I even bought a little Christmas tree, because Laurianne wanted a real tree.

Other than that, it hasn't really felt like Christmas.

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I'm so sorry Lynda! The first Christmas was really hard. My mom died in October too and it was just like someone just ripped my heart open again. Try to think of those special X-mas mornings you shared with her and remember she is celebrating Christmas in the best place of all! Will be thinking of you this Christmas and praying that you can find some peace that day.

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Oh Lynda. I know how your heart has been broken since you lost your sweet sister. I am so glad you were able to spend time with her precious little son. It was so sweet of you to get a tree in memory of her. That is something you will always be able to do for that sweet little boy. You can always tell him about his mom and share special things she liked with him. I just know that your sister is spending Christmas with you this year...deep inside your heart! I'll be thinking of you through the holidays and sending lots of hugs your way!

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Hi Lynda,

It is so understanable the way you are feeling. You are grieving for a sister you loved so much.

I want you to know that Iam thinking of you and pray your hurt will diminish and you can have a decent Xmas as that is what she would have wanted.

Peace be with you,


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So much emotion is wrapped up in this season, it's like cranking up the volume on all feelings. You can't turn on the TV or go shopping or go to work without feeling out of sync with the "joy" everyone seems to promote. Just makes your sadness and grief feel even heavier.

You just do all the loving little things for yourself that you can. Be easy on you. You're in tender condition right now. If you had a suffered a bad skin burn, you would be very gentle with your skin. Well, you have suffered a bad emotional burn and you need to be gentle there, too. Pick some little, do-able thing each and every day that will make you feel "I am happier than I was before I did that, at least." Just baby steps out of the humbug.

Next year will be much better for all of you and Calem will really be old enough to enjoy Christmas and the family.

Sending caring thoughts and strength,


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