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My dad has brain mets.


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I had a feeling. He has been having some seizure like episodes. We took him to the ER on Wednesday night, but he was fine by the time we got there. Waited forever in the room and finally after being ignored for 2 hours told them we were leaving. It was awful. Obviously, they didn't treat his problem as an emergency. The next day my dad had an appointment with his primary care doc who ordered an MRI and admitted him to the hospital. It turns out he has 2 lesions. I haven't found out the size, because I was not there when they got the news. My mom and dad couldn't remember. So, all the scary feelings are here. He started IV Decadron last night and will get Dilantin. He should be on the oral meds today. He has his first radiation session this morning. They are going to try and release him Christmas Eve...I'm hoping they will do it today. I'm not sure why they can't let him go home. Since I'm a nurse, I'm going to try and get them to let him leave. That has worked before.

Anyway...I know I will get the hope I need so badly here. The doc at the hospital was very "frank" as my mother put it and said that the didn't know how much time he had. I don't buy any of the statistic stuff. I've been around here too long not to see people living their lives with the bumps in the road that this journey has.

So, I know this has gotten to be so long, but if you could please offer up some prayers and words of wisdom, I would appreciate it so much. Thanks to all of you. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you.

Cathy (By the way..my dad looks great!) That to me, says a lot!

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I am here with you today....and praying that Dad will be home soon and a plan of action ready to go! I have so many prayers inside me, that PLENTY will be offered for him. I will remain optimistic with you too! May there be peace in your family this holiday and hope in your hearts!


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So sorry that your Dad has brain mets. My Dad had two mets sucessfully treated last October. He had Cyberknife on them and everything went really well. The doctor told him they can control the brain mets it is the lung tumor that has caused him to be in hospice. There are a lot of people doing very well with treated brain mets on the board. You are right not to pay attention to stats. I wish your Dad well.


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Thank you so much everyone!!!! I knew you would help me to feel better. The update on my dad is much better! First of all, I got the doc to release him later today instead of Christmas Eve! Also, he had the radiation and the Radiation Onc was very positive. My dad also was told that the results of his last CT scan on his lungs was good! So, onward on this journey! Thanks again!!! I always tell my dad about all of you..it helps him a great deal, I think.

Much love,


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So glad to see things improving. Bet everyone in your family will have a happier holiday now.

I have brain mets now, too, and am doing radiation. Your dad, with only 2 mets, could well be a candidate for Cyberknife to tackle the mets. What did his doctor say about that? Do you live too far from a center where it can be done?

Whatever happens as the days go on, there is always reason to hope - lots of people have come through these mets. They found your dad's pretty early and that's a good thing.

Keep us posted,


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Sorry to hear about the new development for your dear dad, but am pleased that you were able to get him released to enjoy this holiday at home.

I think you are right to ignore those stats. Your dad isn't a statistic he's special. My husband has over a dozen brain mets which were discovered last year September. They've been stable after WBR for the past year. We are awaiting new scan results, but 16 months is wonderful, and even if there was progression there is still options like gammaknife. Brain Mets shouldn't be an automatic trigger to start thinking about statistics and the end.

I will be keeping your dad in my prayers.

Merry Christmas

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Dear Cathy,

Hope your father is doing better.

I will be getting results from my brain PET scan tomorrow, so I know how it feels. We know there remains a problem (MRI last month)- but the doctor felt it might be scar tissue (How I hope he is right). I've had no symptoms, but I didn't have symptoms before the stereotactic radiation either.

I'm glad I was able to enjoy Christmas Eve and Day with my family in NY. Now I'm home in FL and worried about tomorrow. Then 1/3 is my next CT to see if the chemo is still effective. So much living from test to test.

Anyway, I'll add your father to my prayer this evening.

Warm wishes,


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