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A middle aged rather plain Spinster was complaining to one of her friends that she was lonely and somewhat bored. Seems that men paid very little attention to her and she rarely was asked out on a date. Her friend responed that she knew of this famous Korean Doctor that dealt in this type problem. She immediately made an appointment and went to see the Doc.

After explaining her problem at length, the Doc told her to "take off crose and get down on hands and knees." Somewhat puzzled, she complied. The Doc then said "crawl berry berry fast to other wall and then back to me". Again, she complied.

Extremely anxious, she asked if the Doc knew the problem, to which he replied "Yes mam, you have berry berry bad case of ED ZACHERY DISEASE. Worse case I ever saw."

She stated that she never heard of it and ask for an explanation to which he replied, "It is a situation where your face look ed zachery like you *ss."

(It's the decadron)

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