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Treatment of Hiccups


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I goggled and it looks like it's the Zofran causing them.

But I couldn't find any Zofran-related advice about how to stop 'em. :roll: Just found generic home remedy stuff. There's also some kind of Rx that can be given if the continue, but I don't have a name. Sorry. Good luck!

Info on this link: ... ment&hl=en


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Charlie,the hiccups are a beast.Here are my two best home remedys.

#1.Pour a glass of water,put a really long spoon in it so that the spoon sticks out so far it is hard to drink without getting poked in the eye.Drink the water without poking your self in the eye and hiccups are gone.

#2.Have someone scare the crap outta you.The hiccups are gone.

Good luck and be careful of your eye.

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Oh Charlie. Hiccups were like one of the worst things my husband had. We even went to the emergency room once seeking help. No one could tell us what caused them.

They were actually hurting him they were so hard. The doctor finally gave him some pills for it, but I can't remember what they were. He actually grew to fear hiccuping.

I googled hiccups and we tried every natural remedy we could find. One involved lying on the floor and massaging certain parts of the body - I remember behind the ears was one. Sounds funny now, but he said it helped.

So I sympathise with you - they are truly no joke.

:cry: Cyndy

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