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The MOM word


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Well, tomorrow I go up to my dad's house for Christmas morning; the first there without mom and as if it won't be hard enough, I have to sit and here my brother call her Mom! I know I should get over it, but I just think it is disrespectful to my mom for him to call dad's new wife mom.

I will hold my tongue and keep the peace because I don't know if my sister can!

Am I wrong to feel this way?!

Oh, well! Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

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I have no word of advice for you.

Just want to wish you a Merry Christmas and

a good year 2006.

A pasted smile could get you through the day

and avoid a fight.

Your feelings are yours, don't let them

show and the pain you anticipate may be




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Well,the day went off without a hitch and noone got mad about the "M" word. I think what makes it hard is that my dad and his wife have only been married for 1 month and actually known each other for less than a year. Then, maybe too, it has something to do with me being a daughter and not a son. I sometimes think there is a, let's say "different" bond or relationship between a daughter and mother than she with her son.(I'll probably get some responses for that comment! :D ) I have only just now, after ten years, begun to call my mom in law "mom". I don't know, it just hurts me for some reason. It's not that I don't like dad's wife, I really do, but I don't think anyone in my family knows her well enough to give her that title, yet. But, it WAS a good Christmas and I just let everything fly over my head and I was better off for it. I just wish I could have convienced my sister Cindy to feel the same way. But then again she is pregnant, need I say more! :D

Thank you all for your support and advice in this manner. I really do apreciate it!

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Glad it was a better than expected day. I do understand about the "M" word. Remember...it is ONLY a word. It's the sentiment behind it that makes MOTHER so special...not the word itself.

Glad you could let some 'stuff' fly over. Hope your new year brings more resolution and happiness and peace.


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