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Happy Holidays!


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I haven't been here in a couple of days, so I catched up on my reading today (Christmas day). I just want to wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and great days ahead. You truly, truly are a great bunch of people.

I first joined the boards on July this year, and it has helped me cope immensely. I triumph in all of your successes (health-wise, most especially) as if it was my own.

On to our family's 'little' triumphs-- Dad drove for the first time in seven months! He drove us last night for the Christmas eve mass. It was also his first time to really 'come out' in public since diagnosis. It just makes me happy that he's ready to start some semblance of a life again. I hope and pray everything will go smoothly from here.

To everyone, thank you for the pieces of advice, the encouragement, prayers and love. I truly wish everyone good health and happiness. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Love and Prayers,


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Many good wishes for you and your family

in this Christmas season and for the New Year.

Yoyr father must have been so proud to be able

to drive you for Christmas eve mass, with this

new liberty that driving gives him he may be

able to start a more normal way of living.



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What terrific news! That car must have been overflowing with smiles and high spirits. This has got to be a big boost to your dad's morale!

You're family's come a long way since we all first "met," huh? Ups and downs, but I'm so glad to see your family celebrate Christmas on the upside!


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