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I'm so happy you decided to post here and join us. I want everyone to know how blessed Mike and I are to have you for a friend and neighbor. We've known Pam for about 14 years and she and Mike had their pneumonectomies at close to the same time, by the same surgeon. I can't begin to tell you what a beautiful person Pam is, but I feel sure you will soon learn that for yourselves. She is truly special and an angel to Mike and I .

Oh, and Pam, that little remark about looking at what "the cat dragged in" that my dear friend Cindi o'h made, I want you to know that Cindi aimed that at me cause she loves me (right Cindi?) not cause you are scruffy lol. Cindi you owe me a drink in the pub for that one. hehe Anyhow, I'm so happy you are here Pam and I know you will soon know how wonderfully caring and special this group is.

Love ya,


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Welcome, Pam!

Look at all the smiles and hope you've already dished out with s hort, introductory post! Congratulations on the 4 years! :D

Give us some info in a history on your Profile page so we can all get to know you better and understand your background and experiences. When I know the month you were diagnosed, I'll add you to the Survivor's Anniversary database and send you a "hi-5" in the LC Survivor Forum for your big 5th!!


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Hi Pam...from one Pam to another and ironically PamS. :-)

Neway...welcome to the group and congrat's on your 4 yrs with plenty more to come...Can't even begin to tell you what a wonderful group this is...but you will soon find out for yourselve's...just an awesome group

Take care and keep posting...

God Bless You and everyone here...hugs ..PamS.

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