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After Christmas Update


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Just a quick note to ask you to continue to hold us in prayer and good thought.

Brian is declining rapidly.

Our Christmas Gift is that after working all of Christmas Eve our hospice RN has hit on the right combination of drugs to keep Brian's pain mostly under control.

We did not make it to church services nor to any family functions, but we had a loving and peaceful day.

Brian has had wonderful alone time w/ each of his girls and is vaguely aware of his Christmas gifts.

Hospice is bring H2O and a walker today, but Brian has little desire to get out of bed.

He is convinced this is another of those dips in the road and that he will be rebounding any minute. Don't put it past him! He is awesome. I just second all his motions and hug him till he thinks I am the one that is confused :? .

I am unspeakably sad.

Lots of holiday hugs and love


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(((Pat and Brian)))

That pain relief news is the best. Hope there are people around giving YOU lots of support right now. You have been Brian's human rock throughout all this - a real soulmate. He is a fortunate man to experience fully such a bond of love with others.

Sending all my caring thoughts and strength to you both.


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The many prayers and warmest of thoughts for you both are nonstop from here.

You both are AWESOME!

Finally...I am certain your Christmas was just as spiritual, or even more so, than if you had made it to church services.

May God continue to hold you both close in comfort and love. And thank God for that Hospice RN working for pain control on Christmas Eve. An angel, I am sure.



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So glad that they have found the pain relief that Brian needs. Also happy to hear that you and Brian were able to spend some "good" moments together on Christmas. So sad to hear that Brian continues to decline.

Sending prayers for strength for both of you during this very difficult time.

gail p-m

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Pat,I'm glad they were able to finally get the pain under control,but sad to hear Brian is declining.

The quality one on one time with the daughters and yourself is good.In this house we usually have no company or everyone at once.Every one at once is fun but there is seldom a chance to spend time quality time one on one.

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You need not ask for prayers from me. You two are forever always in my prayers. I find myself so filled with emotion as I feel as though I am there going through this with you. I can tell you that I am praying for Brian's comfort and strength and peace for both of you. May God hold you both close. Keep writing to us Pat. We are here for you and don't want you to be alone . You and Brian are so very special to us all.



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so happy my favorite BRAT had a peaceful & loving day together....even if you missed the family functions...and that Bri had time w/ his girls...and that theHospice nurse had a strokeof pain-free genius.

thoughts and best wishes continue to come your way.

maybe some pain relief willslow Bri's decline???


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It is so generous of you to keep us posted. I wonder about you two daily.

If it helps at all, I prayed for you two at Christmas Eve Mass. There were 65 children singing in the children's choir (including my two angels, of course), and it was beautiful. I prayed for you both, for peace, and strength. I'll keep praying.

:) Kelly

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Hi Pat,

I have been thinking about you all weekend and really hoping that Brian was getting his pain under control. So glad hospice was there to help.

My candle for Brian shines brightly. I pray for Brian to be pain free.

I also pray you have love ones around to help you through this. This is so incredibly difficult. Your belief, your strentgh and your inner beauty has shown through all of his. What an inspiration you both are. Brian is such a beautiful soul that G-d has special plans for him.

But, I still pray like you Pat, for that miracle....



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